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MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC25 Review – For Great Coverage and Convenience!

October 20, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

Before I started using liquid foundation, it was compact powders all the way. They are easy to apply, great for travel, and most brands carry them. Mid-way, I switched to mineral foundation having heard all the good stuff about it. I tried the Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation but my skin didn’t react well too it. So I went back to compacts and one of my favorites was the MAC Studio Fix.

I liked it so much I went out to get a backup, way before the first one panned out. When something’s that good, you just wanna use it forever, right? =DDD

Evens Out Skin Tone

I have under eye circles, redness around the nose, uneven skin tone aplenty. The MAC Studio Fix Foundation does quite a good job in drastically reducing all these imperfections. It does not hide hideous acne well on its own though.

When the need for more concealment arises, I use a cream concealer like the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette after a face primer, then finish with the MAC Studio Fix Foundation.

Full Coverage

You can build to your desired coverage with this foundation – full, medium, or sheer (like as a setting powder).

Full Coverage:

Use the sponge provided, dab it on (do not rub), and build it on for more coverage.

Make sure to wash the sponge frequently with the Daiso Brush Cleanser.

If you prefer not to use sponges, like me, then load a kabuki brush with powder by swirling it in the pan. Do it in layers for increasing coverage instead of getting a thick first layer.

Medium Coverage:

Use a stippling brush or a kabuki brush like the Sigma F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush.

Sheer Coverage:

Use a large fluffy brush like the EcoTools Blush Brush to set liquid foundation. I prefer using the MAC Studio Fix Foundation this way. If your liquid foundation provides medium coverage, the MAC Foundation can bring it to full coverage.

If you have oily skin, it is recommended that you use a powder to set liquid foundation. I use the MAC Studio Fix Foundation or MAC Blot Powder, depending on my mood and need for coverage.

Matte, Almost Mask-like

The MAC Studio Fix Foundation gives a matte finish. You can create a natural look or porcelain-doll kind of finish with the different types of application as stated above.

Be careful, though, if you have bumps and pits on your skin, like I do – aplenty. This foundation, while does well to even out skin tone, does not glide over skin blemishes as well as do liquid foundation. It is perfect for people with relatively good skin. This brings out the worst of my skin during PMS when pimples celebrate in blooms on my face.

Due to its matte finish, it does little to brighten the skin. So using this when you’re sick may make your skin look dull and flat. X(

I would think that people with mature skin should avoid this foundation as well as it tends to make fine lines more visible. I used to be able to use this without having obvious cracks under the eyes after a while, but I seem to be slowly losing that luxury! BOO!

Not Long Lasting Enough

Personally I find that the MAC Studio Fix Foundation does not stay on my skin as long as a liquid foundation does. It tends to slide off within a few hours, maybe 4-5? Good thing that it is easy to reapply.

Therefore I use this in conjunction with liquid foundation now, and not on its own, like I used to. Our skin go through changes, and so must our face products!

I love using this to set the Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation (review).

Great for Travel

This is a great face powder to have in your travel makeup bag or to bring around every day in your purse for touch-up. It is light, compact, and convenient!

I would still bring along a liquid foundation though, because I fear that the unpredictable weather might make my skin too dry or too oily, and I want to have options. Lol.

No Breakout

It seems that many people have problems with the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, what with clogged pores, huge cystic pimples, and creating havoc on the skin! Terrible!

I didn’t get those from using this foundation. I naturally have pores that are prone to clogging and I never have a face free of pimples (sad life). When I used the MAC Foundation, my skin condition did not get better or worse – it remained the same.

I would think that using the sponge applicator might have caused some reactions on the skin due to accumulated dirt and grime and oil on the sponge. EW. That’s why I never use the sponge applicator, even though it is stored in a separate compartment which makes it slightly more hygenic than those that sit on top of the powder all the time.

Instead of throwing out the MAC Studio Fix Foundation the moment mayhem occurs, try switching to a makeup face brush. That could make a difference!

Shades for Everyone

MAC’s strong value proposition is that it has such a great color range for skin undertones and skin tones. You are bound to find a good color match, provided you get a right match in the first place. MUAs are reputed to give wrong color matches, so doing some homework beforehand is ideal.

For example, if you use ZA 21, try searching around for people who use the same shade and their respective MAC shade. It is best to go to a store to play with the colors yourself and also ask a MUA for help.

I did my research beforehand and went down to a MAC store to confirm my shade – NC25. It is good to know your MAC shade as people tend to use MAC as a guideline.

I am on the lighter side of NC25 though, if I could, I’d like an NC23.5 match, please.

Left: Old NC25 pan; Right: New NC25 pan. No difference!

“I’m NC 20-25, which shade should I use for MUFE Mat Velvet +?”, “What kind of blush is suitable for NC35 skin?”, are typical types of questions people will ask.

I also like that MAC Studio Fix Foundation does not turn orange (oxidize) on me. Very important!

Get the MAC Studio Fix Foundation here!

Bun Bun gives the MAC Studio Fix Foundation a rating of:

Do you know of any good dupes for the (expensive) MAC Studio Fix Foundation? I’ve read reviews comparing the Maybelling Dream Matte Powder and have even tried it out myself. Not too bad for that price, a little less coverage and not as finely milled though.

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