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Makeup Haul: Inglot, Clio, BeautySoClean, Halloween Makeup

October 21, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

When was the last time I did a post on a makeup haul? Let me see…. Hurk! My Okinawa trip in April! That’s 8 months ago!

Obviously it’s not because I haven’t bought any new makeup from then till now (how is that possible?!), it’s more like my postings cannot keep up with the speed of purchasing. HAHAHA

A couple of weeks ago my friends proposed going to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and I was SO excited to go because I wanted to get me some Inglot! I’ve been dying to get my hands on Ingot products since it opened a store in City Square in March! The City Square branch is the third store in Malaysia, with the other two in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

When we reached City Square after lunch, I told my two friends, who’re both guys, to go get some coffee and give me an hour. Just one hour! Lol! And then I ran into the store and had a swatch feast.

This was the second batch, I’d already wiped off the first batch and without realizing, used up the entire arm again. HAHA! The entire arm was covered, front to back, top to tips.

The gel liners are AWESOME! So very pretty and pigmented and smooth and creammmyyy!!! And I love that they come in bright, happy colors! I got 82, 77, 72, 87.

I also got 4 eyeshadows: AMC Shine 30, AMC Shine 15, AMC 59, and Matte 385. And 1 lipstick (231) and 1 lip liner (60).

I went on a week day so there were very few people in the mall, must less the Ingot store, so I had plenty of space to move around and had very attentive service from the MUA.

The lipstick is super pretty! Brightens up my face and the staying power is WOOHOO!!

The boys came to pick me up in an hour but I wasn’t done and it was funny seeing them intrigued by everything on the shelves. I could only buy that much because I had wayyyy exceeded my budget. Total damage = RM420

You get the hot red cosmetics pouch for free if you spend over RM300 in a bill. I love the color and material and am bringing it with me on my Guangzhou trip!

And not too long ago my friend went to Korea and I told her to get all the remaining colors of Clio Gelpresso pencils gel liner I didn’t own. These pencils are amazing! So beautiful, long-lasting and smudge proof. If I’m not wrong, Singapore does not have the 4 matte shades of orange, lime green, bright blue and gold. I’ve even heard that some stores have pulled the pencils off our shelves. I don’t know why!

The stores in Korea are SO generous. They always give out samples of masks and skin care products and throw in more if you make a purchase. Their food marts also offer such generous portions of samples you can complete a meal with just one round of the entire mart. Sometimes the food samples in Singapore are so tiny I really only taste my own tongue. Lol.

The other 3 items – BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist, liquid latex and fake blood were thrown into the picture because I bought them recently.

I’m so excited! Halloween’s in a week!

(Shall not reveal my costume yet! But it’s going to be COOOOOL!!!! Heh heh!)

What are some of your favorite Inglot products? If I’ve got your curiosity piqued with this haul post, go get yourself some Inglot! HAHA! Traveling to JB from my house takes a shorter time than if I were to go to, say, Pioneer.