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Moisturizer For Oily Skin: The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream Review

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June 5, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

I thought the problem laid with the type of primer or foundation I was using. The MUFE HD Primer would make my face greasy by lunch time, and even MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation could not keep the shine on my face away.

If oil-control powder foundation does nothing for me, what hope would I find in liquid foundation?

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream made me realize that sometimes it’s not about buying the best, most expensive, or highly raved makeup – it’s about what goes under before makeup.

The absence of any ‘mattifying’ or ‘oil-control’ claims in my previous moisturizer, Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion Moist, kept my face oily throughout the day. It always felt like it just sat on my skin like a big fat blanket of lard . With all that oiliness you’d think it was doing a good job at moisturizing, but no, it did nothing. No moisturizing, no whitening, only greasiness.

The Body Shop  SeaWeed Mattifying Day Cream I really bought in a desperate attempt to find a moisturizer that falls between drugstore and high-end. When I used it the first time, I remember falling in love with the scent and texture, and could feel my skin less oily during the day.

Here’s my review on The Body Shop SeaWeed Mattifying Day Cream:

Silky Gel-like Texture

I love the texture of this day moisturizer! It feels so different from all the moisturizers I’ve used. This silky, gel-like formula makes applying on the face such an easy task. And because it is so watery (yet not diluted), there is time between applying and drying to give your face a quick massage. My skin feels soft and rejuvenated every morning I apply it!

This is however not recommended as a night cream as night creams should be slightly thicker in consistency to act more intensively with additional ingredients.

I also love that it jiggles like jelly. ~Dwoi-Dwoi-Dwoi!~

Because it is so jelly-like, a plastic cover comes with to prevent spillage. Especially essential for traveling!

Hydrating and Moisturizing

It is imperative to keep the skin hydrated enough to combat the dryness from  working in an air-conditioned environment. The most similar hydration I’ve received from a moisturizer was the Biotherm Aquasource, but that cost more than three times as much. The Body Shop moisturizer feels cool and refreshing against the skin upon application, and leaves it moisturized all day.

Oil-Control With Matte Finish

Targeted towards balancing oily skin, The Body Shop SeaWeed Mattifying Day Cream dries to a matte finish without drying up the skin. The matte finish, however, does not last throughout the day, especially if you have very oily skin like mine.

I used to need to blot my face right after lunch because oil would be dripping off my face under the unforgiving Singapore sun. After using this moisturizer, the oils only really start to look obvious at about 3-4pm. Shine is inevitable but a lot less than other moisturizers I’ve tried.

Invigorating Smell

Does seaweed smell so wonderful elsewhere in the world? Those I’ve seen and smelt in the wet markets here smell like BLEAH. So I was rather taken aback when the SA recommended the Seaweed moisturizer. I don’t wanna smell like smelly seaweed! But no! When I took the first sniff, I immediately liked it! Light and refreshing, it smells a little citrusy… and appetizing. Lol. Some people call it smell because it can be too strong to sensitive noses; and some others like me call it fragrance.

Cheap And Good Moisturizer

It takes just a little to moisturize the whole face, a little more if you want some on the neck. For that quantity and rate of use, S$27.90 is extremely value-for-money. I actually got it at a sale for S$17.90 and will be on the lookout for it during The Body Shop’s weekly promotions this GSS period (27 May – 24 July)!

If you have combination to oily skin, this moisturizer is definitely worth a try. I like it so much that I bought the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. At a discount too! It was the Mask Promotion week so I got it at a ‘Buy 2 mask less S$25’ deal. Lucky me!

So remember, more often that not, it’s not just one factor that is inhibiting the results you want to achieve with makeup – check what’s under.

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Bun Bun rates the The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream:

So tell us, what is your formula to keeping shine away from your face?