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My 2012 New Year Resolutions: Because Everyone Is Making Them

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January 18, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the new year only really starts on the first day of the lunar year, which is some time in January or February.

That’s why I’ve been lazy I’m still in time to make my new year resolutions.

Okie, so I’m not really into making new year resolutions simply because I know I don’t ever keep them. I want to spare myself the agony of realizing I haven’t kept to them at the end of the year, provided I even kept a list at all.

But since I’m announcing my new year resolutions publicly on my blog for the whole world to read, and which is basically the electronic term for ‘carving in stone’, I thought I should feel more obligated to fulfill at least a handful of them.

Let’s look forward to December 2012.

But in the meantime, here’re what I aim to achieve for the year 2012.

Sleeping Late Is Suicide – Sleep Earlier!

I know.

Eat Healthier

I love my greens very much, but I also love my reds and whites, and any other color. In short, I love food. I hardly have a favorite food; I just love good food in general. Singapore is not called the Food Paradise for nothing. You are spoilt for choice everywhere you go. You can have so much as a taste of the world in one day. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Western, Nepalese, Thai, Vietnamese… endless! Endless food choices!

It doesn’t help that there are many food outlets that are open 24hours, namely the infamous Geylang, to appease midnight greed hunger pangs.

And you know, Chinese New Year is really just days away and our living table is groaning under the weight of those delectable goodies. And don’t get me started on the actual CNY 15-day celebrations. For every house that you visit, there’s plenty to gorge on! *nom nom nom

So this resolution will have to wait till AFTER CNY to start coz I’m definitely going to fail and will be lying if I said I would start now.

Have Less Midnight Snacks

My boyfriend likes to say that should war break out, my family of 6 can camp in our house for 2 whole weeks and emerge all well-fed, or maybe even fatter due to the lack of exercise. Lol.

So you can imagine how much food we have in the house. The fridge is swelling with biscuits, cookies, cake, cheese, fruits, ice cream, chips, chocolate, nuts… And then there’s the cabinet for instant noodles… And the bread containers…

Exerise More

Pasted on the glass barricades of the Singapore MRT stations are posters encouraging healthy lifestyle. One caption I remember is ‘Aim for at least 150 minutes of exercise a week’.

From the Singapore Health Promotion Board:

1) You need to get at least 150 minutes to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week for optimum weight loss. It is recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week to see an overall improvement on health. Each session of aerobic activity should last at least 10 minutes.

Examples of moderate-intensity activities:

  • Brisk walking (walking pace of 1km in 10-15 minutes)
  • Badminton
  • Leisurely bike riding on level ground, or with a few hills
  • Table Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

I feel extremely proud of myself for being able to achieve that.

Salsa – 1-2 hours

Bachata – 1-2 hours

Hip hop – 1 hour

Bellydance – 2 hours

6 hours = 360 minutes. More than double of the minimum! YAYS!

Honestly, I dance mainly for the sake of exercising. Not to lose weight (okie, maybe a little), but to keep my heart pumping. I cannot run, I failed my 2.4km back in school, and I hate the feeling of running where I feel like my heart has exploded in my body and is attempting to toss shattered pieces right out of my nostrils and ears.

So dancing is the least I can do. Being pretty good at it helps, I guess. Heh. It keeps me going. But it’s not something I really love.

Which brings me to my next resolution.

Play My Piano More Often

My greatest love?

Playing the piano.

It’s been my dream since I was a little girl to learn how to play the piano but we couldn’t afford it so I could only wait till I was financially secured to pay for my own lessons.

But it’s proven really hard. Besides having iron cylinders as fingers as I age, and a reduced speed of reading score sheets (compared to a child), there is the factor of lack of time.

I put all my free time into blogging that I can go for months without touching the ivory keys.

I shall aim to play it at least once a week.

Do Intensive Research On A Product Before Buying

When I was a noob at makeup, I listened to whatever the shop assistants had to say and believed wholeheartedly, leaving my fate into their hands.

I’ve had my fair share of meeting MUAs who have no idea how to properly use a product, how it will look on me, and have no color concept; Makeup artists who make obvious makeup mistakes all in one makeup session causing me to roll my eyes to the back of my head, down to my spine.

While I still give in to impulse purchases once in a while, I reckon I have saved a lot more than I would had I not joined the makeup and beauty community. I’ve learnt more through blogs than other sources and I hope my blog has helped you in one way or another too!

Alright! I’m glad I got my resolutions down!

Now, let’s charge towards a fruitful and prosperous 2012!