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Powerful Women & Their Eyeliners – By KATE Tokyo

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September 23, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun

Brought to you by KATE TokyoKate-Super-Sharp-Liner,-Quick-Eyeliner,-Slim-Gel-Pencil-Review_cover

(Sorry, had a bowl of ramen before I went to bed hence the bloatedness @[email protected] LOL)

I’ve been wanting to create an eyeliner tutorial for a long time and I’m happy to finally DO IT!

In this post, I will talk about three powerful women, with different stories to tell, and how to achieve their eye makeup looks.

Powerful Woman 1: Cheon Song-Yi

Cheon Song Yi Makeup_3

ANNYEONGHASEYO! Any female who watched the supernatural romantic comedy My Love from the Star must have fallen in love with Cheon Song-yi’s bright lip shades. Besides that and looking dressed to kill every moment – even in her pyjamas – do you know why the runway-approved mega star always looks so put together?

It’s all about balance. To let her glowing skin and bright lips shine, her makeup artist keeps her eye makeup subtle. Here’s my Cheon Song-yi inspired eye makeup tutorial.



Begin by prepping the lids with a nude primer. Dust peach/coral/light orange or warm brown eyeshadow over the lid. CSY never sports any obvious eyeshadow, it’s usually a light wash of a warm tone or nothing at all.

CSY doesn’t have extremely well-defined brows, sometimes even with gaps and stray hairs to portray naturalness. My brows are pretty thick on their own so I didn’t do much either. She made brown hair+black brows look perfectly acceptable.

Tightlining is the trick to making lashes look fuller and eyes more awake. Lightly pull up the lid and fill in the gaps between the lashes with KATE Slim Gel Pencil.

Next, line the upper lash line with KATE Super Sharp Liner. If you notice, even the thickest eyeline CSY wears is still pretty thin compared to most. In order to achieve a very thin and clean line, an eyeliner that provides great control, agility, and precision is essential.

Stop just about at the end of the eye. She seldom wears a wing – once in a while it’s pulled out straight a little, like in that episode where Do Min-Joon acts as her lawyer to negotiate with her ex-agency. But with CSY, the eyeliner is never the lead, it exists simply to enhance, while allowing her glowing skin and bright lips to take centre stage. And that I think that in itself is beautiful!

Lastly, add a bit of dark brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line to complete the look. Coat lashes with mascara, but skip the bottom lashes. I skipped mascara entirely.

This look is extremely simple and is what I wear to work on most days.

Powerful Woman 2: Wu Ze Tian

Empress of china makeup_1

The 2014 Chinese television drama – Empress of China – based on events in 7th and 8th-century Tang dynasty cost US$49.53 million to produce, making it the most expensive TV series in Chinese history. I mean, look at the sets, jewelry and fabulous gowns and robes worn in the drama! =O

Wu Zetian, played by the beautiful Fan Bing Bing, was the only female in Chinese history to rule as emperor. She rose from concubine to nun to Empress of theย Tang dynasty.

Her eye makeup was not simple at all. LOL. I took super long to study and replicate it! Of course, our eye shapes are very different too – hers are more almond-shaped while mine are rounder. And she emotes so well, one stare speaks volumes of anguish, sadness, fear, worries. My stare looks blank. BAHAHA.

Well, afterall, she is Bing Bing and I’m only Bun Bun. ๐Ÿ˜†

Here we go!



Like above, prep the eye with a nude primer. In steps 2 and 3, use a taupe shade to create shadows in the Contour Area then use a darker and warmer shade of brown to emphasize the crease. WZT has a naturally deep crease, deep by Asian standards anyway, while mine is hardly discernible. So if your eyes are not deep set, try and contour as much as possible without making it look too unnatural. Then use a matte ivory shade to blend out the edges.

Her eyebrows are drawn full and straight, and tainted a walnut shade. Draw below the natural arc lower to create a straighter brow line. Coat with brow mascara.

I rummaged through my makeup army to realize I do not own any burgundy eyeliner, so I used a lip liner!

To create WZT’s sharp eyeliner, use KATE Super Sharp Liner. The line is so sharp it could become a weapon if you made it 3D.


In Step 11, use the Super Sharp Liner to draw the bottom line, and in Step 12-13, KATE Quick Eyeliner to fill it in, erm, quickly. Haha. The Quick Eyeliner can conveniently be used for tightlining as well.

WZT has an orange ring and grey shadow under the eyes, I did that while waiting for the eyeliner to dry somewhat. Then use an eyeliner brush to blur out the wing. Scroll up to WZT’s picture to see the blurred wing.

Stick on fluttery false lashes.

Pro Tip!

Come, come I share a trick with you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Beside using eyeliner to draw your eyeline, use it to draw on lashes to create the illusion of more lashes. The eyeliner tip must be very fine but not wobbly so that you can draw natural-looking fake lashes hahaha. The KATE Super Sharp Liner is dabomb.



I’m so proud of myself for completing the WZT’s look coz I actually rehearsed three times in the week before the shoot and had trouble getting the right shape, angle, and THAT BLURRED WING EDGE OMG.


Half and half. Lol.

Powerful Woman 3: Me?

Well, the last powerful woman is…. me.

I asked Mr Mode who he thinks is a powerful woman in Asia and without hesitation he said “You. And my mother”. Hahaha! I couldn’t possibly get his mum to do this for me, so I guess, me?

I’m definitely no ‘powerful woman’, but perhaps to my husband I am. He probably meant ‘strong’, not ‘powerful’. He told me before he was impressed by my willpower throughout the darkest period of my life (the facial la). I went through the storm and came out in one piece, stronger and more confident than ever. The dark side has toughened, molded and refined me into the woman I am now.

I’d also like to think that behind every successful man is a strong woman.



I love a good cat eye. It makes me look more awake and happy. That’s why my Bun Bun mascot has a cat eye too. ๐Ÿ™‚

KATE Eyeliner Swatches


Super Sharp Linerย SGD $17.00 – Super fine felt pen that can produce the thinnest of lines

Quick Eyeliner SGD $17.00 – Felt tip that can quickly create bold lines

Slim Gel Pencil SGD $20.50 – Gel pencil with a creamy consistency

KATE eyeliners are available at selected Fair Price, Sasa and Watsons.

KATE TOKYO is the No. 1 makeup brand in Japan for eleven consecutive years.


Hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial brought to you by powerful women! KATE is a woman too. ๐Ÿ˜€

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