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Wow! Resorts World Genting, There’s More To You Than I Ever Knew!

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November 29, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

*applause applause*

“And in this round, we have Juli’s team, up against their rivals for the championship of the Pyramid Game! Juli, you have to guess the answer based on descriptions given to you by your team mate. Remember to take note of some word exclusions. In order to win, you need to get ALL answers correct. Your 30 seconds starts…. NOW!”


Partner: CASINO!!
Me: Genting!!!


“I’m sorry, ‘Genting’ is correct but you mentioned a word in the clue and that’s a disqualification. And that means… Team X is the champion for Season 2 of the Pyramid Game!”


Me: Aiya, why did you say ‘Casino’?
Partner: Too nervous! I saw the word ‘Genting’ and that came to mind right away.
Me: Okie, never mind. I’m going on a trip up Genting with Nuffnang. I’ll tell you more about Genting when I come back! ^_^*

HAHAHA! Total imaginary game show cooked up in my happy little world.

But that would be how things could have been played out based on my prior knowledge of Genting. To many of us, the first word that comes to mind when ‘Genting’ is mentioned is ‘casino’. While that association is undeniably well-established, I now know that there is more to Genting than I had previously knew – EXPERIENCE LEVEL UP! – courtesy of Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang who made this trip possible for us.

Yes, SPONSORED TRIP. 😀 Woohoo!!!

Check out my poster face here.

Contest held by Nuffnang to win this free trip!

Add to the fact that 4 bloggers and 4 evangelists from Nuffnang came together to film ReelityTV Season 2, this experience was a truly unforgettable one for me!

I can only tell you <- so much -> what the activities were; you’ve got to wait for the episodes to be broadcasted! MUST WATCH OKIE!! Seriously, filming was so so so so so much fun!!! I’m a total newbie when it comes to filming as I don’t even do YouTube videos so I don’t know how I’ll look when the episodes are aired.

Pray I don’t look fat, sound funny, or have zero stage presence. I tried to channel my inner Running Man passion – you know, like they always stand in a line during the opening of each episode and joke around – and…… you’ll see. HAHAHA!

Day 1

Being connected to cyberspace is of paramount importance to bloggers. Lol. And check out our phones! All the iPhones are in white! Great minds think alike and that makes eight of us.

The day ended with dinner at Genting Palace.

Day 2

Theme park closed specially for us.

Hahaha, nah, we just arrived before the gates were open to the public.

YAY!! Filming for the first time in my life!

Squinting a little coz of the sun! Trademark eyebags saying HELLO to you!

Not my best picture, kind of a weird angle, but I wanted to point out that Gabby’s hair is in the same shade as the flowers behind us. Extension of her hair. Hahaha.

Oh and coz we both had our hair done at Salon Vim. Her purple’s really gorgeous and it behaves like a chameleon. It changes from blue to green to purple to black before you can say “Gabs?”.

Love my hair here! 😀 Jess trying to seduce you all with her half-shut eyes.

Ziwei and I! Best partnership! Fighting! 😀

Here’s a totally soaked me and a very dry Ziwei in the background.

Ziwei: Why you like to take unglam photos of yourself!??!

Me: HAHA! Okie what! Raw side of me heh heh.

(and also coz I think I look like a kickass samurai girl)

No, I wasn’t sunburnt nor was it an overdose of blush. The flush on my nose and cheeks was caused by a human’s natural reaction to indescribable fear called CRYING. Want to see me cry?? Watch ReelityTV Showdown! 😀

It’s really easy to talk about what happened on that day, now that the activities are memories. I can still remember the insatiable tension in my heart and look of impending doom on my face the whole time I was there.

End of filming for Day 2

Lunch was at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant. Loved the Australian Lobster baked with cheese!!!

We had a couple of hours before dinner (ya ya – eat, rest, then eat again) so we went for KTV. I cannot remember exactly the rates but it was really, really affordable for a room.

The girl who shed tears during the day was comforted by FABULOUS FOOD for dinner at Imperial Rama. Really, every dish SO GOOD. Thai-Chinese fine dining at its best.

I don’t take pictures of food often (because I want to focus on eating LOL), but when a dish touches my heart and melts my soul, I feel compelled to honor it by whipping out my camera to take a good shot of it.

It’s crayfish, I think. Or lobster? Anyways, it was really good. The soup was flavorful and the roe was yum yum nom nom! I could just pair this with rice and nothing else.

Durian tempura that was highly raved and looked forward to by everyone who’s been to Imperial Rama before! Took both photos in 1 shot and continued eating. NOM NOM.

Oh by the way, pictures in this post were taken mainly with my own camera; I took a couple from Bea and more from Ziwei. Must give credit! ^_^*

As there were too many of us for M Spa to accommodate at once, we split 4-6 (8 bloggers and our managers Gabby and Jayne). I had to pamper myself, really, for the nightmarish adventures experienced during the day.

The massage, no, the whole spa experience was the best I’ve had in my life. It’s not only the massage that blew my mind, but everything else from the moment I stepped into the spa, to the full body massage session, to the post-massage pampering.

There was the ambiance of the dim-lit common area that spoke serenity, slowly easing my senses; there was my friendly and experienced masseuse who paid attention to the slightest details, like covering my toes to keep them warm when she was massaging the other parts of my body; and there was the post-massage fruits and ginger tea that made me feel like a tai-tai.

I told myself I wanted to be conscious throughout to appreciate every stroke and nudge… but it was so good I knocked out half way. HAHA!

I’ve never had fruits post-massage before. The confusing combination of warm tea and sweet fruits was, oddly, quite wonderful.

While I was sitting on the bed savoring the tea and fruits feeling like a tai-tai, I thought to myself “I could get used to this”. Best spa experience EVA!!! <3 <3

It was freezing outside at midnight. Don’t mind my auntie bag. 😛

Day 3

The second day of filming was at Bubbles & Bites. I cannot say much, except that the food at Bubbles & Bites was AWESOME! We had a taste of their pastas during filming and everyone loved it! We really wanted to stay to have more but had to rush off for lunch, and then another episode.

We had lunch at International Café, which was also the filming location for the next episode. Yup! We filmed 2 episodes in a day.

Dessert bar at International Cafe

Love my OOTD! So many people complimented my outfit! Yayyyyyyyyyy =D (Would’ve been a better picture if not for the giant pineapple behind!)

I actually wasn’t feeling too well that day as my TOM (Time of the Month) came unexpectedly. Not that I’d feel any better even if it were expected haha. Thank goodness there’s Watsons in First World Hotel! Bought some medicine but still I had to battle on with the cramps and wobbly legs (anyone has wobbly legs during their TOM too?) during filming. I rested as much as I could whenever we had breaks in between but it was tough to film when the body’s actually feeling less than optimal.

Salute to all actors and actresses! Or actually, anyone who has to go on screen and put up a good show despite feeling under the weather. I’m sure the Running Man characters have had their off-days but still had to perform and carry out their missions nevertheless. And can you imagine having to act all cheery and enthusiastic for long hours when all you wanna do is curl up in a fetal position in bed? We filmed for only a couple of hours, imagine actors and actresses who have to go through 12-hour filming days. *hats off

Getting ready for next scene. SO FUN RIGHT!!! All that fancy equipment and lighting.

OMG, ‘lighting’ reminds me of the crew having some trouble at customs. One personnel came up the bus and said “Put your LIGHTNING in front. Your LIGHTNING”. Strike me!! LOL!

Noel taking in his lines

I tried to cover what’s going on but the mosaic wasn’t enough. Then I saw my unglam expression and there you have it, the perfect cover.

We had some time before dinner and went for some shopping. Bought some makeup at SASA (Bun…cannot…resist…makeup…) and we went a little crazy at F.O.S. and Padini. Together we bought t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, sunglasses, accessories… YAYYY!!!

And guess what!

We had dinner at Bubbles & Bites! I was kinda disappointed at first we didn’t get to have lunch there and was thinking of arranging a meal there during our free time. A happy girl I was when I found out dinner was to be at Bubbles & Bites!!!

Scrabble wall

While Imperial Rama was Thai-Chinese and a little formal, Bubbles & Bites served Continental cuisine, and was casual and cozy. It’s that kind of place I’d go with good friends, for good food, and have a jolly good time.

The waitress recommended Fish & Chips and I thought it a little boring of a choice to come all the way here and have simple Fish & Chips, but I gave it a go and boy, was I glad I trusted her!

The fried fish was crispy and meaty yet not oily, and the fries were so well-seasoned everybody loved it. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us the most happy. And it’s the simplest food that’s the hardest to create too.

Everybody can make Fish & Chips, but Bubbles & Bites makes a kick-ass one.

Look at Joshua at the far end. LOL.

And I had massage again.

Hahaha! No, I didn’t badger Kinex (our guide from RWG) to give me another session! Ziwei and Jayme didn’t want to go for theirs so Jess, Diana and I shamelessly took their place. Lol.

I would have loved to soak my battle-worn body (totally exaggerating) in their jacuzzi and lose some fat from sweating in their sauna but TOM had to interfere and my defeated heart took yet another beating when the M Spa’s staff said it’s best not to have foot massage when you have your TOM. Double whammy!

Fortunately, M Spa provides a wide range of services and there was still the ear candling option! I’ve never tried ear candling before, despite hearing much about its benefits.

I thought ear candling meant just having a candle stuck in your ear the moment you lie down. That’s what we always see in posters, isn’t it! What I got though, was yet another sensational massage at the neck, shoulders and face. Only when the body was calm and relaxed, did the ear candling start.

I cannot remember much as I was drifting between consciousness and utter oblivion, but I recall having a thin piece of something canoodle the insides of my ear. It felt weird yet ‘homely’ at the same time, almost like how my mum used to dig out earwax for me when I was little. <== Unsolicited trivia for you. LOL.

I have a picture of my erm, earwax lol, contemplated publishing it, and decided to go with my better judgment of not. Hahaha! Just know that it was a deep shade of brown NOT because my ear canal was dirty, but because – according to the knowledgeable staff who explained to Diana and myself – I was under immense stress. Apparently the more stressed up you are, the deeper the shade of wax. Diana’s was clearly a lighter shade so we could compare.

Day 4

This was the most exciting day of the trip! We had tremendous fun and I wished it could have lasted longer. I couldn’t get enough of all of it!

One eye each from Luq and Joshua

Aw, I don’t have much pictures coz… we were on the move all the time!

What I do have is plenty of pictures of our celebratory dinner! Hahaha! I keed, I keed… there wasn’t any ‘celebration’ per se, but I definitely felt relieved and high-spirited that filming had come to an end. As if it were a 6-month long period drama! HAHA!


I ate A LOT during dinner at Resort Café, because I was famished from all that moving around the whole afternoon and the food was good. I don’t know why the nasi briyani and rendang appealed to my palate so much that I had three servings. Yes, you heard me right – THREE SERVINGS. Lol. The girls were amazed I could eat so much. My stomach is expandable! I can eat a lot if I want to.

And people often say food looks exceptionally good when I eat. Maybe I have absolute disregard for eating like a lady. KAHAHA.

Our Nuffnang managers, Gabs and Jayne

I love this picture! All of us look so pretty! 😀 😀 😀

Jess and Juli

With Ah Boon (left) and Tanant (right). Two passionate and eager-to-learn young men in their respective fields in Resorts World Genting. Thank you for being with us for so many days and helping us in so many ways! 🙂

Angsty Ang Moh Fin has problems doing the cutesy pose. This pose actually means something. You’ll have to watch the Showdown to find out. *smirks

Joshua and sexy Luq

Accomplished young man with an impressive profile and his own company.

Bloggers and ReelityTV crew!

Back: Jess, Rudy, Beatrice, Fin, Luq, Amanda

Front: Diana, Ben, Jayme, Ziwei, BUN BUN, Joshua

Later we all went for KTV together. The sound system and microphones for the VIP room were better here.

I wanted to show you my really pretty (not I own self say one!!! HAHA) EOTD*, FOTD and OOTD but…….

*Eye, Face, Outfit Of The Day, if you don’t already know!!

Getting ready to remove makeup!

……. BOO to romantic and cozy hotel room lights coz they aren’t the best lighting for pictures! (Want to laugh at LIGHTNING again XD)

Day 5

Woke up from a really good sleep and spent a while at Snow World. It was too cold to stay any longer! If the pain in my fingers were anything like frostbite, then I’m having seconds thoughts about visiting Ha Er Bin (China’s Iceland). My fingers felt like they were bleeding from having thousands of needles poking at them! My body cannot take extreme temperatures and -15 degrees was a little too shocking for it.

BUT!!! We never know what we can do until we try! Speaking from personal experience judging from Day 1’s activities and my newly launched online beauty store – dolltodoll.com.

Somehow there was no one else (probably too early) so 5 of us had the whole Snow World to ourselves!

I tried to take a shot with smoke coming out of my mouth. I think I looked more like I was whistling a happy song. BAHAHA!

Then I attempted to create The Little Match Girl feel, and ended up looking constipated. FAIL.

Cannot go wrong with an igloo. Everybody looks cute in one.

Then it was time to pack and check out!

We had lunch at Hao You Ji restaurant, where Joshua was mobbed by fans. Rudy just shouted “Ok! Take photo two by two!” and the fans really queued up two in a row! So cute!

Finally it was the long ride back to Singapore. Always fearful of traveling on buses coz there’s really no stopping on a highway even if you want to pee desperately. Luckily I managed to sleep throughout for both ways, from Singapore and back.

It was a memorable trip for me, from being one of the 4 bloggers for this trip, to making new friends, to filming for the first time, to facing my fears, and lots more. Thank you so much Nuffnang, Resorts World Genting, and ReelityTV for everything!

Goodbye for now! I’ll be back with updates on the release of each episode!

 Watch it HERE!

(The way I speak and write is very different. You have been forewarned. HOHOHO!)



Talk to you soon!!