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Rolling In The Nude – Rollover Reaction Lip & Cheek Cream Review

April 3, 2017
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“This must be how it feels to have girl octuplets”, I think, when I look at the eight shades of Rollover Reaction Lip & Cheek Cream. Hahaha! At first glance, they all look similar in their frosted case and black cap, one shade easily mistaken for the next, but when you get to know them better, they’re actually pretty different from one another!


Like how Sally is affable and friendly, Saddie is sexy and womanly, Umma is sharp and dangerous, Moss is dark and mysterious. Yes, these are the names of the shades, with Prudence, Lizzy, Lucy and Livv making up the remaining four.

I’ve never really jumped on the trend of matte liquid lipsticks coz no matter how much I hydrate my body and moisturize my lips, most matte liquid lipsticks make a festival of flakes on them. So it was with much surprise that I found myself adoring every single one of the Rollover Reaction Lip & Cheek Cream!

Fit & Feel

One coat is all it takes to achieve full color. Pigmentation is very much on point as with the texture – it feels comfortable and creamy on the lips, lasting a long time without transferring onto the rims of cups. There is still color after plenty of drinks, but oily foods tend to erase it quite a bit. Reapplication is necessary after meals to refresh the color.

It does not bleed along the lip line, but like all lip product lines, the formula is not created equally across the board. Umma does fade to show slight patches after many hours. But that’s just me being super critical over a slight discrepancy haha, otherwise this whole range of lip products is near perfection.

I love it when all products from a range perform equally well, just like how the Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Tints gave me jelly lips.

Highly Versatile

When you have pale lips like mine, it’s hard to pull off nude/beige shades on the lips, so those of a lighter tone like Luzy and Lizzy, I wear them on my cheeks or lids. Yes, my EYES! ^_^* Though light, they have a tinge of orange or warm pink and are so creamy they make it easy to apply and blend. My favorite shades for the lips would be Saddie, Umma, Livv, Moss. They work like cheek tints too, just dot them on and blend, and shades like Saddie, Livv work well as cheek colors.

So you can see, these Rollover Reaction Lip & Cheek sticks are highly versatile and for that reason, I don’t apply them straight to the eye, lips, cheek for hygiene purposes. I swatch some on the back of my hand and take what I need from there. Super easy to apply with fingers (just make sure they’re clean)!



Color Distortion

Packaging-wise, while the frosted case makes it look more chic, there is TOO MUCH frosting going on, thus distorting the real color encased. It can be quite annoying to have to look at the bottom of each stick, and try to associate the name and real color – definitely not morning rush-friendly! 🙁

Apart from that though, everything from the length of the applicator stick, shape of the applicator, to the firm click of the cap to assure you it’s tightly secured, is perfect.

What’s a review without swatches, yea?


I wish they have funkier shades in the pipeline, like purples and plums and dark reds! 😀

I love how these indie brands are coming up with such kickass lip products; another favorite lipstick brand of mine is Color Me Happy Cosmetics < Click to read the review!

Amazon has a plethora of matte liquid lipsticks here, many of them indie brands, so do check them out!


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What is your take on liquid lipsticks? YAY or NAY? Any good ones to recommend? 🙂 


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