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Stage Cosmetics Moving Out Sale!

May 17, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

I’ve been to Bugis BHG umpteen times. I walk past DIVA, FOX, and then into the cosmetics arena… but never found myself stepping into Stage Cosmetics. Maybe it’s because of its expensive looking deco and displays. Maybe because it’s all black, that I assume their products are almost as pricey MAC’s. No wait, they really ARE expensive!

Imagine my surprise when I was casually shopping around and saw a big red signboard with the heavenly words:



I literally flew into the store.

My, my, my! What fantastic prices! I felt like a kid in a candy store, coloring my hands with swatches, rubbing them off when space ran out and coloring them again, testing this testing that, telling the MUA ‘I want this, and this, and this’, and finally walking out the store with $70 worth of products.

$70 for so much makeup!! =D

I didn’t know the actual prices of the items until I saw my receipt.


Stage Mono Eyeshadow

Original price: S$20

Sale price: S$9 for 2

Purchased: Poison, Wildflower, Platinum, Envy Me, Basil, Parfait Amour


Stage Brow Defining pencil

Original price: $20

Sale price: $9 for 2

Purchased: Nutmeg, Sesame


Stage Photo Pro Foundation (Read the Stage Foundation review here)

Original price: $36

Sale price: $19 for 2

Purchased: 02 Take 1, 03 Take 2


Stage Shadow Smudger

Original price: $31

Sale price: $15

GOODNESS!!! $9 for TWO full sized eyeshadows! I really couldn’t believe my eyes! Even if they weren’t as good quality (which I didn’t think they’d fare too bad anyways), it was really an excellent deal! And what better time than now to buy liquid foundation! $19 for TWO! And I’ve been looking for an eyeshadow blending brush that is smaller than the MAC 217 but bigger than MAC 219. The Stage Shadow Smudger was a dream come true!!!

When I finally forced myself to go pay at the counter, I asked if there were more stock coming in. The SA said yes, in June. Funny, I thought they were closing?

Then I went home to read up on Stage Cosmetics and read on blogs that the MOVING OUT SALE actually started in April! WOW. I feel lucky that the sale is still on after a month, happy that it will be there until June, but 3 months for a moving sale? LOL! They really have A LOT of stock to clear then.

Anyways, imma go back next week to feed myself with more Stage Cosmetics products! Bringing my friends on a makeup haul along with me!

Quick! Go get yourself some yummies!