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Teal-Turquoise Hair | 30% Off Hair Services at Salon Vim | Samsung Fashion Steps Out | CrabTree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow

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May 12, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


When people ask me “Isn’t it damaging to change your hair color on a monthly basis??”, I smile and reply “Yes, if you don’t treat your hair after a dye/bleach job. But my hair now is SO MUCH healthier than it has ever been, all because of regular hair treatments”.


(I wonder if blonde works for me.)

Had to bleach it to allow the green/blue pigments to go on. I know bleaching sounds scary, I used to be fervently against the idea of bleaching because I’ve seen one too many cases of a botched bleach job. The idea of walking around with twigs as hair scared me endless.


6_With Wand_120Just so you know: On one of the occasions I was at Salon Vim, Gary told me that hair, even without any chemical infusion, requires occasional treatments to combat the damage acquired from products and environmental factors, and bring back shine and volume. So if you’ve dyed your hair, shouldn’t your hair be given even more tender loving care? 😀



I was the first blogger to try out the Arimino Privy treatment (just happened to be there the morning after they launched it) and my stylist, Weng, was shocked that my hair instantly became so soft! Everyone who came to touch me hair commented that this new hair treatment is AMAZING!


You know what? For the entire month of May 2013, Salon Vim is giving a discount of 30% off all hair treatments! It’s a FANTASTIC deal, I must say. The Arimino Privy hair treatment costs $90-$160, depending on hair length, BEFORE DISCOUNT. What better time than now to give your hair some lovin’?

Oh, remember to quote ‘Juli‘ or ‘Bun Bun Makeup Tips‘ to get the 30%. Everyone at the salon calls me Bun Bun. Haha! I like to be called Bun Bun, it somehow sounds very endearing.






With light makeup on the left after and more on the right to attend the Samsung Fashion Steps Out event. I love how Weng layered my bangs with purple underneath brown, so that it’s not just a one-dimensional slab of brown. Cool, huh?


With Evonne and Jayne, who also get their beautiful tresses managed by Salon Vim!

So prettyyyyy!! My hair I mean, of course! HOHOHO! It’s a mixture of teal and turquoise with some purple highlights.


From what you can see here, I had on Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation, Naris Up Wink Up Maxigrade Eyeliner (fav eyeliner! so easy to use OMG!), Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Edgy Emerald (on lower lashline), Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara (my Holy Grail!), Elianto Blush in Fresia, and Loreal Shine Caresse Lipgloss in 702 Juliette.






Crabtree & Evelyn celebrates summer with its Somerset Meadow Collection! The bath & shower gel smells wonderful with extracts of water lily and lily and leaves my skin feeling moisturized. Applying the scented body lotion on my skin afterwards completes the fruity-floral experience that the brand wishes to convey of summer.

The Somerset Meadow Bath & Body Collection boasts a Perfume Gel 12ml (SGD25), Eau De Toilette 60ml (SGD58), Bath & Shower Gel 200ml (SGD35), Scented Body Lotion 200ml (SGD40) and Hand Therapy 100g (SGD33). Available in Crabtree & Evelyn stores now!


Photos from Evonne and Felicia, hence the rather different colors~ Lol. The backdrop of refreshing green and pretty wildflowers made photos turn out really pretty, what with the surrounding leaves and grass and white blossoms that created a lomo effect.

I want something like this for my wedding too! =D



In the next post you’ll probably see how this teal-turquoise has faded.

Okie, I’m sick of my own face too. Enough. LOL.

If you have time, make an appointment at Salon Vim to make full use of the 30% off! Until end of May!

Contact them at:

Salon Vim Bugis – 68730073

Salon Vim 313 – 68847757