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The Androgyny Palette: Jeffree Star’s Idea Of A Neutral Palette

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September 11, 2017
Composed by : Bun Bun



It’s been a while since I’ve been THIS excited over an eyeshadow palette! After one too many nude palettes, things were getting darn boring. Don’t get me wrong, nudes and neutrals will always be staples. Different intensities of a champagne, of a burnt orange, of a matte chocolate create looks from simple to vampy; and everyone needs at least five light nude shades to diffuse the harsh edges of their already well-blended brown eyeshadows lol.


The last palette I bought before this Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette was the Tartelette in Bloom. Don’t ask me why I checked out the latter even though I have more than enough browns to coat my whole body twenty times over.

Ok, ask me: Peer pressure. 😂

Everyone was raving about Tartelette in Bloom I couldn’t resist! Brought it home and… well, not that it’s horrid, it’s just that there was nothing especially attractive about it for me to feel any unique affection for it. It is a good palette for beginners, although I would not splash S$79 on an eyeshadow palette if I were just starting out.


Oh yes, so my story goes like this.

  1. Got sucked into the world of neutrals >
  2. Threw away all my colorful eyeshadows (including my Sugarpill Cosmetics ones)
  3. Neutrals neutrals neutrals >
  4. Felt empty without colors >
  5. Tried to incorporate colors back into my routine >

I was just going through a dull-color slump when I chanced upon a Jeffree Star video of him introducing his newest Androgyny Palette. By the end of the video, the palette was in my cart, along with four Velour Liquid Lipsticks and Skin Frost in Peach Goddess. These were the first items I struck off my Colorful Mid-Year Beauty Wishlist coz they’re no longer mere ‘wishes’ hoho. (Now that I look back at the list, I have converted most of them from wishes to reality.)



Packaging-wise, truth be told, I’m not crazy over hot pink or faux-leather, but I do like how sturdy the palette feels in my hand even though it’s made of cardboard. The mirror is fantastic – wide and without distortion.

Size Comparison Of JSC Androgyny Palette With Other Singles


Most reviewers gush over the size of the individual shadows, and I must say they justify the price of the palette.

Each pan size is larger than those in most conventional palettes; it is exactly the same size as Benefit Hoola mini, larger than MAC eyeshadow, smaller than MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow, and smaller than Make Up Store single shadow.

Jeffree Star’s Idea Of A Neutral Palette

This is Jeffree’s idea of a ‘neutral palette’. Considering how adventurous and experimental he is with makeup, I guess it is pretty mild. If you stare long enough and create looks in your mind, there are endless possibilities with these ten shades. Life changing moments happen when you actually play with them – they’re really versatile and work beautifully with one another. Most, at least.


My favorite shades are Frosting, Charm, Déjà vu, Androgyny. All of these have a beautiful, buttery feel, delivering intense pigmentation with a blendable texture. Frosting – OMG – that pale gold, knocks my socks off when you apply it with a dampened brush.

Safe Word has the most kick-up, Poison and Swallow are the most difficult to work with – chalky, streaky and the colors too similar. I think most people can agree that the mattes in this palette are hit-and-miss.

  • Frosting – A pale metallic gold
  • Safe Word – Cool, light brown
  • Charm – Deep orange
  • Deja vu – A metallic, glittery brown
  • Dominatrix – Deep, chocolate brown
  • Androgyny – A mauve plum
  • Fetish – Deep, dark red
  • Military – Matte green
  • Poison – A dark teal
  • Swallow – Dark blue

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

I don’t know, man. I really wanted to love these as much as everyone on Instagram and their mom, but perhaps because my lips are too thin and small, and too dry, so my lips look nothing like those thick, luscious lips coated with these liquid lipsticks. I do concur that they’re super pigmented, but that makes them super dry too. Am I the only oddball who doesn’t have much love for the Velour Liquid Lipsticks? 😖

According to Jeffree, Velour Lipsticks are safe for use on the eyes and I actually prefer Redrum and I’m Royalty as an accent eyeliner!





Jeffree Star Skin Frost Peach Goddess

Jeffree Star Skin Frost highlighters are known to be crazily pigmented and the popular highlighter shades are Ice Cold and Princess Cut. I contemplated following the crowd but I knew for sure frost white or pale pink will look awkward on my yellow banana skin. Lol.

Then I found Peach Goddess, a gorgeous rose gold that illuminates instead of screaming HIGHLIGHTER!!, and I’m in love.

Before that though………………


It was with much anticipation that I opened the pink lid and then BAM!! HUGE FINGER PRINT spotted on the top right corner! 🙁

I placed the imperfect new item back into the box and took it out everyday just to admire the beauty of it then got turned off by the finger print that isn’t mine.

Without much expectation of a reply or resolution, I decided to drop BeautyBay.com an email, just to let them know of this defect. Not only did they apologize, they refunded me the full amount on my Jeffree Star Skin Frost Peach Goddess. OMGoodness, totally unexpected! Such great customer service <3



If you’ve had enough of taupes and browns, I’d highly recommend giving the Androgyny Palette a try. You can keep it safe with shades from the top row, and also incorporate some colorful fun with the bottom row. Don’t be intimidated by the strong colors, you can always use color sparingly – maybe just at the outer corner or the lower lashline.

I got my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Palette here. Beauty Bay ships to Singapore with FREE shipping for orders above USD75, which is super easy to hit haha.

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