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New Holy Grail RMK Liquid Foundation (With Pump!) Review & Swatches

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October 11, 2017
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The last time I used the RMK Liquid Foundation was two years ago. It was a small sample bottle from… er, my memory fails me, but I remember loving it! Alas, when we moved out from Mr Mode’s parents’ place to our own home, I must have dropped it somewhere and never found it.

I did love the product, but not enough to purchase the full bottle because of the one thing that irks most people as well – the pour-out method of dispensing product. Basically there is no dispenser, you just pour it out as it is. In a rush, wastage can occur and it can drip all over the place.

New Packaging With Pump

A casual walk around Isetan a few months ago found me gravitating towards the RMK counter and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there has been a revamp in packaging for some of their products!

The RMK Liquid Foundation still comes in a frosted glass, but there is now a PUMP, with a glossy grey cap and an elegant ‘R’ at the top. BEAUTIFUL. So dreams do come true!!! 😍



(Update on my skincare routine!)

Looks & Feels Like Skin

This foundation is pretty much what I’d describe as out-of-this-world. It provides medium coverage with a neither dewy or matte finish. It basically just looks like skin. And FEELS like skin. I feel like I have nothing on my skin – it’s not tacky or heavy or cakey.

It settles to a comfortable, slightly powdery finish. A cheaper alternative would be the KATE Powderless Liquid For Cover. I thought KATE would be a perfect dupe, but there really is justification in the huge difference in price tag when it comes to factors like texture, finish, and lasting power.

Being featherlight on the skin makes it a perfect wear in hot and humid Asian countries like Singapore. Most times I find myself not having to blot at all.

I use shade 102, a fair shade with yellow undertones.



The RMK Liquid Foundation is my go-to foundation, it’s that kind of product I grab when I don’t have time to contemplate and know this will definitely look great.

The dispenser is a great enhancement, but did the bottle weigh this heavy before? I didn’t own the full bottle with the previous packaging so I can’t compare, but this is pretty heavy to carry around. Not the best travel companion. Nevertheless, I still packed this HG foundation for my Europe trip. Haha.

Best Application Method

After trying various types of application methods, I find that fingers work best for this foundation. It’s the only foundation that doesn’t perform as well with sponges and brushes. Strange! With fingers, this foundation goes on smoothly and evenly, and covers well. It’s idiot-proof, really. You don’t need expensive tools or superb blending skills to get fantastic results. If I ever make a ‘apply makeup in the dark’ video, for sure I’ll choose this foundation.

Because it’s a gel emulsion type of foundation, you have to shake it up well first as the product tends to separate. It’s S$70.00 for 30ml, but will last me a long time coz only very little is needed each time.

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