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50 Shades Of Lipsticks – Tom Ford Lips & Boys Collection

December 22, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


“I like the idea of lipsticks named after boys. Why commit to one when you can have several?”


Tom Ford Lips & Boys is an exclusive limited-edition collection of 50 miniature-sized (or ‘clutch size’ as Mr Ford likes to call them) lip sticks inspired by and named after the men – past and present – in Tom Ford’s life.

Addison was Mr Ford’s first crush; Richard is the love of his life and husband. Alexander, is his 2-year old son, Alexander John Buckley Ford. Tomas is Ford’s nephew and Rory is his best friend. Just to name a few.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys offers 10 shade ranges from nude browns, purple plums, bold metallics, girlish pinks and classic red. There are 36 new shades, 10 existing ones renamed, and 4 re-promotes renamed.

These 50 miniature-sized, limited edition lipsticks will be released at TANGS Orchard Level 1 for a limited period from 2 January to end February 2015, at S$50 each. The full-sized Tom Ford lip colors are 0.1oz/3.0g, these miniatures are 0.07oz/2.0g.

During the preview, I picked 8 shades that appealed to me the most.



Preston is a nice pink, but a little too light on my pale lips.

Justin was the first shade I picked coz it’s my husband’s name haha.

Pablo is not bad, a pink with purple tones.


John is that kind of pink where you know you’ll get it the moment you have it on your lips.

Michael is a coral-pink shade which brightened up my complexion.

Adriano YES!! 😀 A bright and versatile coral that will bring your whole look together, without fighting for attention with the rest of your makeup. Adriano is aka True Coral, one of the best sellers.


Alejandro is a true red.

Luciano is a cool red with a bit of shimmer. Makes my pearlie whites SHINE.

My top 3 choice of men were……


Luciano, Adriano, John.


Tom-Ford-Lips-Boys-Collection-50-Lipsticks-Review-Singapore_adriano-john-luciano_2 Tom-Ford-Lips-Boys-Collection-50-Lipsticks-Review-Singapore_adriano-john-luciano_4

You can buy the lipsticks individually, but when you buy 3, you get a sleek limited edition miniature lipstick case that is small enough to drop in your clutch and also protects the three precious lipsticks from scratches.

I love the lipsticks in their miniature size and here’s the reason behind the concept:

“We want to be one of the top five luxury brands in the world. And I think you get there by doing innovative, original things. Launching 50 shades of lipstick at once is already innovative, as is naming them after boys and making them miniature. People carry teeny-tiny little bags today, and are trying to fit their iPhone, money and a key. I think the idea of a small bag is modern, and you need to be able to fit a lipstick into that small space. It seems that there’s a trend these days to miniaturize things.” – Tom Ford

Of course, if you’re a Tom Ford fan, you can get all 50 shades!


Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection will be available for sale at TANGS Orchard Level 1 for a limited period from 2 January to end February 2015, at S$50 each.

Here are the 50 shades with reference to their current and past seasonal names.

Nudes – Browns: 

1. Holden (current: Vanilla Suede #26)

2. Beau (current: Blush Nude #13)

3. Henry (past seasonal: Warm Sable)

4. Gustavo (new)

5. Pavlos (new)

Silvers – Blacks: (all new)

6. Casey

7. Orlando

8. Peter

9. Stavros

10. Alasdhair

Metallics: (all new)

11. Kyril

12. William

13. Sebastian

14. Omar

15. Blake

Light Pinks – Mauves:

16. Ian (new)

17. Flynn (new)

18. Addison (current: Pink Dusk)

19. James (past seasonal: Twist of Fate)

20. Richard (past seasonal: Negligee)

Pop Pinks – Roses: (all new)

21. Alexander

22. Patrick

23. Michael

24. John

25. Giacomo

Fuchsias – Magentas 

26. Preston (new)

27. Justin (new)

28. Cooper (past seasonal: Pure Pink)

29. Jack (new)

30. Francesco (new)

Corals – Oranges

31. Luca (new)

32. Matthew (new)

33. Adriano (current: True Coral)

34. Tomas (new)

35. Rafael (new)


36. Rory (new)

37. Deigo (new)

38. Alejandro (past seasonal: Slander)

39. Luciano (new)

40. Leonardo (past seasonal: Smoke Red)

Violets – Orchids

41. Olivier (new)

42. Julian (new)

43. Pablo (new)

44. Xavier (current: Violet Fatale)

45. Liam (new)


46. Collin (current: Indian Rose)

47. Cary (current: Casablanca)

48. Didier (past seasonal: Moroccan Rouge)

49. Guillermo (new)

50. Wes (new)


Would you be indulging in some Tom Ford this holiday season? What kind of lip colors are you into – coral, pink, red, beige?