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Don’t Shop, Learn To Cook At Silom Thai Cooking School

January 14, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun


Chatuchak weekend market, Chinatown, Siam Paragon, MBK, Platinum Mall are some must-visit places in Bangkok, but shopping isn’t Mr Mode’s thing and we couldn’t do any temple-visiting because I was on Code Red, so off the beaten track our itinerary had to be.

After recommendations and reading up on reviews, I signed us up for a Thai cooking class! We took a thrilling, 20 baht motorbike ride to the meeting place from Chong Nonsi BTS. Mr Mode’s was more thrilling and zoomed way ahead of mine. My driver probably sensed my fear of speed from my fingernails dug deep into his shoulders and went slower. Haha.

A trip to the wet market before class involved the introduction of different spices, vegetables, ingredients, some common around the world, some found only in Thailand.



Look who’s assimilating into the local culture.





Freshly grated coconut.

I was very intrigued by the sights, sounds and smells at the wet market. It was small compared to some I’ve been to back here in Singapore in my childhood years, but the last time I stepped into a wet market was years ago.

Oh, the last wet market I went to was probably Makishi Public Market in Okinawa, Japan.


So many OOTD-worthy spots on our way to Silom Thai Cooking School!

The route can be quite confusing if you were to take it yourself, so it’s best to be on time for the market tour and follow the guide to the school.




LOVE LOVE LOVE the old-school feel!



The school places great emphasis on presentation – the preparation room as well as the holding room (where we ate and waited so that the staff could change the woks and utensils) were thoughtfully furnished with cutlery and furniture true to the traditional Thai culture. We felt like we were being transported back in time.



Want food? WORK FOR IT.


Remember the freshly grated coconut we bought at the market? Everyone helped to squeeze the milk out for Tom Yum Goong.



Actually it’s really easy to make Tom Yum Goong. Just throw all the ingredients in, add coconut milk, let it boil and DONE! The difficult part is finding the right ingredients and spices.


I sent my mum this picture and she went “like real~”. Lol. REAL!!




First dish only and my hair was already in a mess. This is what being a housewife does to you. LOL.


Ingredients for Pad Thai. I wonder how many little cups they need to wash in a day.


Chef Bun. 😀


Pad Thai cooked with love.


Laap Gai, not a Bangkok specialty, but a North-Eastern Thai dish.


Pounding the ingredients for green curry chicken with mortar and pestle.

Our teacher said in the past, mother-in-laws judged their daughter-in-laws by how finely pounded the resulting pulp is. So if you want your MIL to like you, you better pound until your muscles ache.

My grandparents had this in their kitchen, and as a child it looked fun to see their maid pounding hard and making loud clinks with it. In The Little Nonya this was the weapon of choice to make all kinds of delicious food.

But boy, was it heavy and laborious! There are smaller ones to make smaller amounts, of course. The best result is when you cannot distinguish between the different condiments and ingredients.



Green curry chicken!

See the lady beside me? Our classmates came from all over the world – Germany, Singapore, America, Korea. This lady was on a year-long sabbatical and decided to travel the world – alone. Wow, the courage! (and the money too)


The last dish – Mango with Sticky Rice, which we didn’t help much coz there was nothing much to do except watch the teacher prepare the rice.


Next time I cook for you okie, love? 🙂

We paid 1000 baht each, which is around S$40. Reasonable, for an experience other than mindless shopping, and especially good when you’re with people who don’t shop. On our way to and from the school, we spotted other cooking schools, so you might want to do some research before deciding.

That said, we had an enjoyable experience at Silom Thai Cooking School and I highly recommend it. You can drop them an email at [email protected] They reply very promptly and will provide you with all the information you need.

Getting To Silom Thai Cooking School

Take the BTS to Chong Nonsi. You can meet your guide at the supposed time, but if you miss it due to traffic conditions, take a motorbike to Silom Soi 11. The meeting point is opposite Narai Hotel.

I would recommend taking the motorbike coz even though it was a quick ride to the meeting point, it would have taken way longer on foot. Besides, it cost only 20 baht, which is about S$0.80.

Okie, see you in my next post! ^_^*


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