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Ginza Calla Review – Unlimited Sessions Of Premium Quality IPL Hair Removal

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August 21, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


Erm, no, this is not a post about the token of love Mr Mode put on my finger. HAHA! (I wrote about that in this post)

But do you know why the diamond looks so much more pronounced now? It’s all thanks to Ginza Calla IPL Hair Removal that there are no more distracting, unsightly hairs on my fingers! Woohoooo!!

Before I show you a ‘before’ picture of my fingers, here’s a happy picture of me!


Okie, now here’s the ugly picture of my previously hairy fingers.


Yes, go ahead and do a comparison by scrolling up and down. I swear no Photoshop techniques were administered to the first photo to make the difference more apparent. My fingers really did look smoother and more radiant after having the hairs on my fingers removed!

I’ve always looked at the hairs on my fingers with distaste, because even though they look hideous, I didn’t know nor dare to do anything about it. When I was 14 and held a razor in my hand for the first time with the intention to shave my underarm, I decided to ‘test’ it out on my finger.


There was so much blood everywhere it could have fed an army of vampire ants for years.

It was only at Ginza Calla Japanese IPL Hair Removal Specialist Store that I discovered there was a PAIN-FREE method to remove hair from ANY part of your body.

The therapists spray 美肌潤美 BIHADA-JUNBI, a gorgeously luscious moisturizing lotion that will keep your skin moisturized while IPL treatment is administered to the skin, and leave your skin soft and supple afterwards!


So cute! The baby reminds me of char siew bao. ^_^*

You can read my post on my first experience at Ginza Calla, where I related how pain-less and comfortable the whole session was that I fell asleep while the therapists worked on my Brazilian.

During my second session I had the hairs on my back removed. My mum said it was like holding a monkey when she first held me in her hands coz I was sooooo hairy. The hairs dropped as I got older but I’m honestly hairier than the average Chinese girl. I mean, just look at the amount of hair on my head. HOHO!


I wanted to have the hair on my back removed coz my wedding gown will be a low back and I want a smooth, hairless canvas. 🙂

I can’t wait to get rid of the hair on my legs for good! I’m going through the tough period where the hairs have to be shaved – and not epilated or waxed or tweezed – so that the IPL machine can accurately detect the pigment of the hair follicle and permanently destroy it (YESS!!!).

The pokey stubble is not the best kind of sensation my fiance would like to experience when he touches my legs (HAHAHA) but it will get better! I will have SMOOTH LEGS smooth legs very soon!!


My legs very short hor? Teeheehee.


My girlfriend Min has become a convert too! This girl is all about fuss-free treatments and she loved how quick and effective the Ginza Calla therapists worked. She went for her upper lip and underarm treatments ahead of me as I wanted to take the ‘before’ pictures. Even before I was done with my photos, she was out. LOL!!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of my fingers, with and without hair. I’m so happy to finally have the hair on my fingers removed, without having my skin sliced off together! 😀


Guess how much it costs to have the hair on the back of fingers/hands removed?




No kidding.


For this level of service quality and product efficacy, Ginza Calla has the BEST IPL Pricing in Singapore. And you know what, as if Ginza Calla doesn’t already has the best prices in town, they are currently running a promotion that gives customers unlimited treatments on any 1 of 14 parts (all the red boxes)!



Other places charge $421 for Upper V Area, $321 for Bikini Line, $321 for Underarm for a single session.

And how much can you get it done for at Ginza Calla?




No kidding.


You can go for as many times as you need, until the specialist analyzes that hair has been significantly reduced and treatment is no longer required. Just make sure you don’t let the unlimited plan lapse for more than 6 months otherwise the treatments will be futile! Depending on your hair growth, the therapist will advice on how often you should return for a treatment.

I got my upper lip done too as there’s nothing more un-feminine than having a mustache. So if you want to get an additional part done, just add $380 for UNLIMITED sessions. (Usual price: $1350)


Go book your appointment now as slots are filling up fast!


Ginza Calla

Plaza Singapura, #04-55

Singapore 238839.

For IPL appointments or enquiries on cost package,

call 6238 8850.