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UV Aqua White Skincare Review – Total Miracle Aqua Gel, CC Cream, Eye Essence

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August 30, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun



These days it’s all about radiant, juicy skin that glows from within, and we want to achieve that with skincare that is paraben-free and vegan-friendly! 🙂

The UV Aqua White Skincare range introduces 11 products specially formulated for specific skincare needs.


Want WHITENING? Yup, there’s something for you.

Want HYDRATION? All of them have hydrating factors.

Want TREATMENT for dark spots and pigmentation? Also have!!

Want ANTI-AGING? Yes for illumination + tightening + elasticity!


UV Aqua White Skincare products are formulated with power-packed ingredients to provide 5 skin benefits in one range, making it stand out from other skincare ranges.


Whiten | Hydrate | Illuminate | Tighten | Elasticity

W       .        H        .        I        .        T        .        E


The W.H.I.T.E Complex is UV Aqua White’s exquisite blend of botanical & actives ingredients specially selected for each product. This allows one to enjoy 5 skin benefits in one range instead of only 1 skin benefit in a range.

For busy professionals, UV Aqua White Skincare Starter range provides straightforward and simple skincare steps targeted for different skincare concerns.

My first 100 readers will receive a UV Aqua White Skincare trial kit! 😀 You WILL WANT to try out the CC Cream! (Full 30ml, Trial 10ml. Super generous!)

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Top 3 Favorite UV Aqua White Products

1. Total Miracle Aqua Gel

In this extensive UV Aqua White range, there’s a ‘Moisturiser’, which really is more suitable for Normal, Combination, and Dry skin types. I found it TOO RICH for my super oily skin. OF COURSE LA! I was using the wrong product for my skin type! Lol!

When I (finally) read the brochure, I discovered that the Total Miracle Aqua Gel is recommended for oily skin. How silly of me! I like how the Total Miracle Aqua Gel feels light and hydrating on my oily skin.


I would use this after cleansing, before Eye Essence, and before all makeup.


Should You Use A Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin?

6_With Wand_120Bun Bun says: Don’t think that oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized. Skin always needs to be moisturized, ESPECIALLY oily skin!

People who have oily skin have over-active oil glands. Many people think that cleansing is the only answer to removing excess oil from the face, but over cleansing will in fact strip the skin of moisture. The skin, feeling dry and deprived of oil, will in natural defence produce MORE OIL. It’s a vicious cycle!



Moisturizers in cream form can feel too rich for oily skin, so I prefer those in gel form as they tend to be lighter in texture and absorb faster. The Total Miracle Aqua Gel is one of the lightest yet most hydrating moisturizer I’ve used. 🙂


2. UV Aqua White CC Cream SPF 30 PA++

Definitely one of my favorite makeup bases! You can probably tell from the pictures that it looks deflated LOL. That’s because I’ve been using it so often!

The UV Aqua White CC Cream is CLEO’s Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2014 winner for “Best CC Cream under $30“.




See how it blends SEAMLESSLY into my skin! If you take a closer look, the UV Aqua White CC Cream managed to cover my blue veins and redness on the skin as seen in the top left image of the collage. The white pigment brightens and the beige pigment corrects to give a more even toned complexion.

There are no complicated shades, because the smart micro-color capsules self-adjust to match your skin tone!

I like that despite it being so lightweight on the skin, this CC cream lasts a pretty long time! Some foundations can’t even compare.

One thing people with oily skin like me should take note is that the UV Aqua White CC Cream has a dewy effect. I am aware that there’s a difference between luminescence and oiliness. It looks fantastic on my skin initially, but as the hours pass, my skin kinda gets confused between shine and glow. So what I do is apply loose powder over the CC cream and it will give the smooth, velvety finish I like for the whole day! You can try it too! 🙂

Sometimes I use the CC Cream + loose powder, and if I require more coverage for the day then CC Cream + liquid foundation + loose powder.


3. UV Aqua White Eye Essence

The UV Aqua White Eye Essence is suitable for dark circles, eye bags, eye puffiness, fine lines. YAY!! There’s hope! 😀


I feel like an intelligent lab scientist whenever I use the dropper. Heh. But really, the dropper mechanism helps to prevent bacteria from entering the bottle.




The UV Aqua White Eye Essence smoothens and revitalizes skin around the delicate eye area. Heavy eye creams don’t work for me, so the runny texture is quite interesting and effective! The quick absorbing texture leaves me with just enough time to do a simple eye massage to encourage better circulation.

I secretly think that because my eye area is well-moisturized, I have been experiencing less smudging from eye makeup as well. Yay!!


11 Products, 4 Unique Functions, 1 Complete Skincare Range


Under the RENEW range are 3 cleansers suitable for each type of skin, and an exfoliator.


Cool Cleanser – White Tea Extract || Purify || Balance || Normal-Oily skin

Facial Cleanser – Activera || Non-tightening || Normal-Dry skin

Cleansing Milk – Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) || Gentle || Deep Cleanse || All skin types (but I personally think it’s more suitable for dry skin)

Renewal Gel – Blackhead Exfoliation || Contains Retinol (Vitamin A) || All skin types


I love the splash of colors in this picture! 🙂


Purifying Toner – Witch Hazel Extract || Refine || Refresh || All skin types. This is a spray-on too. Really Convenient!

Moisturizer – Snow Fungus Extract || Nourish || Rejuvenate || Normal-dry skin. Initially I didn’t know it’s more for normal-dry skin so when I applied it on my oily skin it was too rich!

Total Miracle Aqua Gel – Coenzymes Q10 || All skin types.


This picture contains my 2 of my favorite products in the UV Aqua White Skincare range – CC Cream and Eye Essence. More about them in a bit!


Daily Defense Serum – 72hrs Total Moisture Shield || All skin types

CC Cream SPF 30 PA ++ – Care || Correct || Cover || All skin types

Eye Essence – Firm || Smoothen || Brighten || All skin types


The sun is the most important cause of prematurely aging skin and skin cancer. Long-term repetitive exposure to sunlight adds up, and likely is responsible for the vast majority of sun related problems such as freckles, melasma, premature aging and skin cancer.

So remember to always protect with UV White Aqua White Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++! It’s in a lightweight, compact little tube so you can have it in your purse and re-apply on the go especially if you’re outdoors a lot!



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UV Aqua White is availabe at NTUC, Giant, CK Departmental and Sheng Siong.


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