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Story of Bun Bun: This Is As Real As Bun Bun Is Gonna Get

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March 8, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

Story of Bun Bun

While I stood by my window one day admiring my kite-filled neighborhood evening sky, I thought I heard a tiny “Hi!”.

“I must be hearing things! Too hungry, need to go have dinner”, and made to turn away from the window.

An unmistakable “PSSST! Juli!” made me turn to face the window once more and this time found myself face to face with a cute little creature dressed in a black and white striped dress, and matching slippers and hat.

She had the prettiest twinkling eyes that melted my heart, eyeliner drawn to perfection, and a sweet smile that came from the purest of hearts.

From then on we became the best of friends.

Never mind that she has a stick up her a**. (This is actually one of my favorite pictures coz she looks like a delicious lollipop! And look at those tiny happy feet. They make me smile every time. :))

She would stay by my side and look at me whenever I put on makeup and I shared with her my love for makeup.

One day she asked me “Why don’t you start your own makeup blog? I’m sure many people will be able to relate to your eye makeup tutorials since you know how to explain the difference between Asian and Caucasian eyes and how to accentuate Asian eyes with makeup instead of hiding them with incorrect methods.”

I thought for a second and said “Okie! LET’S DO IT!!”

(Bun Bun: But first, you need to clean this mirror)

And that was how BBMT was born.

MUAHAHAHA!!! I hope you like my story, but I have to tell you that none of it is true.

I didn’t start Bun Bun Makeup Tips on a whim, I wasn’t influenced by an alien-fairy organism who decided to pop by my window one day, and I never guessed people will like my eye makeup tutorials the way they do. That was why I had to thank you, my readers, for the fabulous support!

As you would have realized, images of Bun Bun are splattered all across the blog design and posts, with parts of her (Ah yes, the part about her gender is the only thing true in the short story) peeking out from the edges of your web browser. The look of Bun Bun was inspired by a cartoon character, and modified by my good friend who is a designer. You will see the ‘eye’ of this designer friend soon coz I asked her to be my model for an eye makeup tutorial. Hoho.

Bun Bun and I really have a lot in common – we both love the thick winged eyeliner look, have bangs, and love stripes, black and white especially. I have plenty of striped clothing. Many friends have commented “Eh, Bun Bun is just a comic extension of yourself, right?”. 🙂

I thought it would be good to have a mascot for the blog, so that I can sometimes write in third-party and don’t have to use my face and only my face for everything. It’s brought about nice combinations in language and pictures.

How Bun Bun’s name came about was really… uninspiring. I was eating a bun (no kidding!) one day and… ya, end of story. LOL.

How Did Doughy Bun Bun Come About?

During one of the 15 days of Chinese New Year every year, my family would go to River Hongbao, a place set up to showcase the 12 Chinese zodiacs, other legendary characters, and a huge God of Fortune that would spout golden bits of paper for good fortune. Some people would upturn their umbrellas to collect these lucky ‘droppings’.

This event would also host a grand stage with performances related to the Chinese culture, a large sheltered food area, and craftsmen showing their skills and selling their works. It was at one of these little craft stalls that I had Bun Bun made.

I showed the master a picture of Bun Bun and he was like “This is difficult, because I’ve never done it before”. You see, the master was adept at creating at fast speeds variations of the 12 zodiac creatures and some famous cartoon characters like Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, and Hello Kitty, but Bun Bun was unique to him.

It seemed such a daunting task that he asked the crowd standing on his right to move away so that he could get more light. With his usual creations, he made them so fast I bet he could accomplish them with eyes closed.

Showing a close-up of Bun Bun’s head on my phone. I used another picture for how her limbs would look. Look!!! Bun Bun’s BALD!!! HOHOHO! And omg, look at her pretty eyeliner and the twinkle in her eye. He got the essence of my baby doll spot on.

As he continued, more and more people came to watch coz it was something not seen on his exhibition area. I remember a guy asking no one in particular “Can someone tell me what the hell is that?” <- his exact words. SO FUNNY!!!

I felt like a proud mama, standing by, witnessing the gradual formation of my blog character.

I didn’t bring my own camera so I asked my brother to take pictures of the process. But because that boy didn’t understand the importance of every step of the process, he didn’t understand why I was asking him incessantly to take pictures at intervals of 5 seconds. Lol.

Then I got him to pass the camera to me, and I went click-crazy. Now I know why parents can never get enough of taking pictures of their kids. And mine’s only in a fixed pose.

From this second on, you might faint from my ooh-ing and aah-ing of how cute Bun Bun is. You can either roll your eyes to the back of your head or join me. You know what, I have a feeling you will join me.

Below, Bun’s getting finishing touches to her chinny-chin-chin. Notice that she has bangs! (Just like me!) The craftsman used a scissors to cut tiny triangles in her hair to create the bangs. So smart.

Gimme some neck…

Having her pretty black and white ensemble made. Look at her hat. Omg so CUUUUUTEE!!!

If you haven’t realized, Bun Bun has 4 ears. Yes, FOUR.

We conversed in Mandarin as the craftsman is from China.

Me: Oh, she has 4 ears – 2 at the sides, 2 at the back

Craftsman: Ah?? Why does she have 4 ears? What is she? Animal?

Me: Er…. She is…. an alien. (In my heart: I have no idea, dude)

Awwww, this picture is so precious! Look at his big and rough, yet nimble and deft fingers on Bun’s teeny tiny baby leg! I love the contrast!

Craftsman giving Bun Bun a pat on the head. Haha. Bun Bun has a bad case of foundation oxidizing on her face!

Bunny baby you got your foundation shade wrong! This has pink undertones, you have yellow undertones, just like mummy. Don’t worry, mummy will not laugh at you! *muack* 

This would make a good example for future foundation tutorials:

  • How Pink-Based Foundations Will Look On Skins With Yellow Undertones 
  • Get Your Foundation Shade Wrong And Risk Looking Like An Alien With Four Ears 
  • Unless You Are Bun Bun, You Will Look Horrible With The Wrong Foundation Shade


Applying varnish…

The Boyfriend said Bun Bun has baby fats. LOL!

Bun has a yellow dot on her face, I think some yellow dough got mixed in. It’s okie, mama has funny spots on her face too. 🙂

The craftsman felt so accomplished with his creation he asked for a photo with me and Bun Bun USING HIS OWN CAMERA after we took this shot.

~ Chill ~