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Because Your Brushes Deserve The Best Treatment With Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

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July 11, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


Since I will not be able to apply any face makeup for the time being, I decided I should just give all my brushes a good wash. I wash my brushes every weekend actually, but now… I guess I’ll only get to wash them in a few months since they’re all just sitting there unused. πŸ™ BOO.

(Erm, in case you don’t know why => My Horrific Facial Story)

How do you wash your makeup brushes?Β 

I first started with shampoo and conditioner, then Michelle Phan said she uses washing detergent so I tried it and it made my brushes feel squeaky and stooopid, then I found the incredible Daiso detergent and loved it, and then finally found permanent residence in the Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap.

For a long time, since forever, no matter what cleaning component used, I would swirl the brushes in my palm. I actually didn’t enjoy having my palm tickled that much, and after each brush cleaning session, my left palm would feel slightly sore and fingers would be wrinkled from having them in contact with water for an hour.

Yes, that’s how long I took to wash my brushes when I first started out. And I didn’t even have so many brushes back then! But knowing the importance of having clean brushes, I HAD to make them as clean as I could, that’s why I took so long.

Imagine having to wash all these brushes with my previous methods! GAWDNO!!


These are just someΒ  of my more regularly used brushes. I house them in an acrylic stationery holder that I found at Japan Home. $5.00 only! Score! I like that there are dividers so the brushes don’t topple and the small ones don’t get crushed under the larger brushes. I place The Brush Guards in one of the compartments.

As therapeutic as brush-cleaning can be sometimes, I’d rather the therapy session be shorter. Haha!

This is the FACE side of the glove, to be used for your face brushes.


This is the EYES side. You can see the difference in patterns between these 2 sides. If you use the FACE side for eye brushes or EYES side for face brushes, the feeling is really weird! You’ll immediately know when you’re on the wrong side of things. LOL.


Let’s pick my favorite blush brush of the moment – Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour. The F40 is normally made of natural goat hair bristles, but in the Sigma Mrs Bunny Travel Kit, the bristles are synthetic. I LOVEEEE the super soft bristles!!! IT’SSOFLUFFY!!!

Doll To Doll Cosmetics carries:

I would do a gentle swirl in the Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap.


Then using the FACE side of the glove (because it’s a blush/contour brush), I would let the well-designed grooves on the WASH area remove all the grub from on and in between the bristles. *swirl swirl swirl*


Rinse the brush under running water on the RINSE area.


The REFINE area is for additional cleaning – optional.


After running the bristles under running water again for a final rinse, squeeze out excess water by placing the brush head between your thumb and index finger.


And that’s it! Now let’s try it with my favorite brush for foundation – liquid foundation, especially – Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush! Jang Jang! πŸ˜€



Step 6, squeezing the bristles together, is what I do to check there are absolutely no stains, no remnants of products on the bristles.

These brushes are synthetic eye brushes that I use for gel liner, cream eye shadow, concealer.


Left to right: Sigma E15 Flat Definer (for gel liner); MAC 263 (for gel liner), Sigma E30 Synthetic Eye Pencil (for cream eyeshadows), Sigma F70 (for concealer).

In my review on the Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap, I mentioned that to clean my Sigma E15 and concealer brushes, I’d still have to use a separate oil makeup remover first, rinse it, then use the soap to remove the oils.

But now, this magical Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove has entirely eliminated the need for the oil makeup remover! I just get some soap on the brush and run it across the WASH area of the EYES side and EVERYTHING COMES OFF. OMGGGG!!!!!

If there was one defining moment where I found myself falling in love with the glove, this was it. <3 Nothing has ever come close to cleaning it so well, so quickly. Nothing. My life is complete. *puts palms together


Leave them to dry! πŸ˜€


Remember to clean the brush ferrule (see the fingerprints?) and handle too! This is my Sigma F82 which I use to blend in concealer under the eyes.


The other day I received a question on the difference between F80 flat Kabuki and F82 Round Kabuki.

I use F80 mainly for liquid foundation. It works for powders and creams, but I use liquid foundation most of the time so it’s reserved for that. The F82 is denser than the F82 and I would still choose F80 over F82 for applying foundation. The F82 has a rounded tip, which makes it great for targeting areas, but to use it to apply foundation all over your face, it takes too long and blending is somehow less perfect than F80. I am obsessively biased towards the F80. Haha!

For brushes that need to have their brush heads shaped, I always use The Brush Guards in their appropriate sizes. Brush shown here is Sigma E25 Blending brush.



Nah, I don’t stack them like that!


Give your babies space to breathe! Treat them well and they’ll serve you well, for a long time. ^_^*


This really is the spa equivalent for brushes!

What makes this glove such a well-designed and -made product is how comfortable it is to wear the glove. Because silicon traps heat and will feel uncomfortable against skin after a while, the people at Sigma inserted a soft and fluffy towel layer to pamper and protect your hand.


It’s washable too!!


I’m so happy I don’t ever have to experience wrinkled and sore hands from washing brushes again. No more dry hands! WOOHOO!!

Did I tell you that having this glove cuts down my brush cleaning routine by at least 40%? That’s A LOT of time saved to do other more important things!

Doll To Doll Cosmetics has three pretty colors for you to choose from – Purple, Aqua, Pink!


I hope you love the glove as much as I do!! πŸ˜€

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This is LOVE!


What do you use to wash your brushes? Any special tools? How long do you take to wash your brushes?