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Eyeshadow Depotting Tutorial: How To Depot Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadows With Flat Iron

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July 5, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


How I missed depotting! What better time than now, when I cannot play with face makeup, to do an eyeshadow depotting tutorial? 😀

Let’s depot Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadows today!

I have here Woodstock, Psychedelic Sister, and Dashiki.


Goodbye, bulky pot.


Step 1:

Pry separate the black case from the silver container with a sharp object. Some people use a knife, but I have a fear of knives, so I use a stainless steel nail cuticle pusher. Less dangerous, but equally effective. Just wedge the blade in between and push the black case up.


Step 2:

Place the black case – that has been separated from the silver container but still attached to the pan – on the flat iron.


While one pan is under heat treatment, work on another. I love multi-tasking. I cannot just sit around and do nothing. My hands gotta be busy!! Lol.


Step 3:

Poke the melted plastic with a push pin to get the pan out.


This is how the underneath of the pan looks like, with its glue and all. Remove the glue with alcohol and the cuticle pusher for the more stubborn glue bits.

It is critical to make the bottom of the pan as smooth as possible so that the magnet in Step 5 can stick on easily and permanently.


And while you’re at it, let the other pan(s) go through Step 2.



Step 4:

Place the container, with the bottom of the container on the heat blade of the flat iron. This is to melt the glue of the label to easily remove it.



Step 5:

Like MAC, L’Oreal, The Body Shop and many other brands, Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadows are NOT magnetized. So you’ll have to purchase the magnets separately.

Left to right: Round magnet, sticker label, depotted pan


The above step is optional, actually. You can simply write on the back of the round magnet.





I still have eyeshadow depotting tutorials for The Body Shop, more MAC, Elianto, Urban Decay NAKED Palette, Sugarpill! Coming up!

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