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Hand Chemistry Helps ‘Botox’ Away The Tell-tale Signs of Ageing On Your Hands

July 4, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


This must be my favorite photo of the year. 🙂

If not for the creation of this post, I would never have been able to hold my mum’s hands in mine like that. Cradling these hands that have been overworked and turned dry from sacrifices made for the family, my heart aches to see how much of her self-image has been cast to the back of her head from prioritizing the needs of her children.

For the wonderful woman who does the entire family’s laundry, washes the dishes, organizes the house and for whom we’re responsible for at least half of her worry lines and grey hairs, I wish I could thank my mum in more ways than I can currently afford.

While I got my dad’s knack for design, I inherited my mum’s writing skills. She was the one who drilled the foundation of the English language into me and taught me how to spell my full name. I was forced to walk around my dad’s office about 2,814 times while reciting the letters of my name because I could not, for the love of cookies, spell my name. LOL!!

Well, it paid off and I was quite a Spelling Bee in school. I can spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Hoho. And Bun Bun Makeup Tips would never be if not for her.

Aesthetic treatments like facelifts and Botox are seeing huge jumps in popularity as the quest to look younger or age gracefully has turned more apparent and socially acceptable than before.

I don’t know if people go to the extent of administering Botox to their hands and fingers, but I do know of a hand cream that has proven to reduce the lines on my mum’s hands. Introducing….. Hand Chemistry!

Hand-Chemistry-Deciem-Review-Singapore-Dry-Hands-Moisturizer_1 Hand-Chemistry-Deciem-Review-Singapore-Dry-Hands-Moisturizer_5.1

Hand Chemistry targets the 8 signs of hand ageing and promises visibly younger looking hands in just 10 days. With 19.5% active complex concentration, Hand Chemistry vows to improve firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.


As you can probably tell, there will not be any pictures of my face nor my mum’s in this post because she is incredibly shy, and it doesn’t make sense for me to put my face when the ‘subject of experiment’ is her. Haha.

So here’s her hand (and mine) before she started using the Hand Chemistry hand cream.


Same size! 🙂

From the richness of the texture, you can feel that the tube is packed with plenty of ingredients to give moisture to the hands.

Honestly it is too rich for me because I have very sweaty palms and the high humidity levels in Singapore makes the cream on my hand a whole hot mess. My mum, who doesn’t have sweaty palms and now has drier hands from ageing, finds that it gets absorbed into her skin quite well.


The formula and texture is pretty different – oh, and I LOVE the scent! – from other hand creams my mum and I have tried before, in terms of extreme hydration and longevity (it REALLY lasts through the night and all day if you don’t shower in the morning). Also 100ml stands for a pretty big tube of hand cream.

Check out the difference in my mum’s hand! @[email protected] My hand looks the same as before while the wrinkles and lines on hers look less visible.


When Hand Chemistry was first launched in Boots in the UK, they were outselling every other hand and body product in the store. So I’d say that where the climate is dry and/or if you have dry hands, Hand Chemistry would work for you.

Hand Chemistry’s tagline is ‘Give us 10 days. We will give you up to 10 years’. Foresters determine the age of a tree by counting the growth rings of a severed tree stump. But on a human hand I’m not sure how to quantify number of years by the number of lines. What I CAN see is some improvement of my mum’s hand texture and that it works well on her dry hands.

Here are the ingredients packed with goodness:



As hands can age more dramatically than the face, you wouldn’t want to neglect them. Get this, if not for yourself, then for your mum. Or anyone you love! 🙂


Hand Chemistry can be found at Guardian outlets at S$28.00 (original price: $35.00). Promo valid until end of July. I LOVE GSS! ^_^*


Win It!

Easy steps to win yourself a tube of Hand Chemistry:

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  • Closing date is 18 July 2014


I hope this post has been informative 🙂 , but if you want to find out more or check out other products, visit:

Hand Chemistry