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Step-By-Step Makeup Tutorial: How To Conceal Bruise With Makeup

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July 1, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


On my Dayre Day 108 – 18 Apr 2014 (bruise more obvious here: Day 112) , I shared with you guys how I woke up in the middle of the night, suffered a brutal knock on my left eye against the concrete window ledge, bled like mad, suffered a major headache, thought nothing much of it and went back to sleep. LOL.

For the next few days I had a swollen eye and bruise, the next few weeks I still had the bruise, and now…… there’s a scar. 🙁

It didn’t look serious enough to me, but my nurse friend saw it and told me to quickly go to the hospital. Apparently, it was quite a deep cut and the doctors told me because of the delay, there would be SCARRING. It sucks to have to deal with an unsightly scar, bu I’m grateful it was the eyelid and not the EYEBALL. That’s why I’m giving back by making this tutorial. Lol.

This was how I looked probably one week after the incident. You can see the yellow-brown circling the socket of the injured left eye.


I’ll do my best to include links to where to find the products so that you don’t have to do the hunting. 🙂


The Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB is my super favorite makeup base that I use almost everyday, except when I’m testing out a new product or just switching things up for a bit.

For bases, I prefer to apply with duo fiber brushes. Seen here is the Hakuhodo J544.



If you use powder foundation, apply concealer BEFORE. If you use liquid foundation, apply concealer AFTER.

I’m a liquid foundation kind of girl, so it’s always foundation first, then concealer. The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation gives amazing coverage and has great lasting power, but it’s precisely because it gives such a flawless finish that I don’t use it too often.

Foundations that I like:





This is the Make Up Store Cover All Mix Concealer which I like to use to cover very dark eye circles, or in this case, a bad bruise. Note that it is very dry and can be difficult to blend with the fingers. Not a top choice when you are in a rush.

I much prefer to use brushes and the Sigma F70 has been a longtime favorite and workhorse.


Apply the salmon shade on the blue/purple areas.


Other concealers with good coverage that I like:

Then use a more emollient concealer on the centre to ‘move’ the drier concealer, best if it has a brightening effect as well. I used Benefit Fake Up Concealer in 01 Light here.


Other moisturizing/brightening concealers that I like:

Besides the Sigma F70, another brush that I use solely for concealing is Sigma F82. I love how the dense bristles and round top blend concealers so well into my skin – eyes & face.


If you have time, dab a bit of additional brightening concealer. I used The Body Shop Lightening Touch in 01.


Brightening concealers:

I didn’t apply any makeup to the wound, didn’t even dare to go near it, hence the stray brow hairs.


Cannot stand my unbalanced eyelids! 🙁

These pictures were taken a while ago, now my eyelids are more balanced. I’m writing another post on how I managed to balance out my uneven eyelids with a really simple but awesome invention! Stay tuned for it!




Isn’t makeup amazing? I love making step-by-step makeup tutorials because it’s so gratifying to see how makeup aids in transformation. But it’s SUPER DUPER TIME CONSUMING! I took at least 8 hours to make this tutorial, from taking the photos, to editing, to writing, to finalizing.


Set the concealer with powder. It’s up to you to use compact or loose, I don’t have a preference, it’s up to my mood for that day.


I used a Real Techniques Brush from the Core Collection to apply the Shu Uemura Compact Powder.

Powders I love:


I used the Hakuhodo B104 brush to apply Guerlain Meteorites – 2 Clair.

Alternatives: Sigma F30 – Large PowderLioele Jewel Mix Highlighter


Sometimes I even powder my neck to my decolletage just so that these areas look less raw or un-madeup. Brush used is EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting.



Blush + Contour + Highlight

Time to put some color on the face! 😀

For an every day, I apply just enough bronzer/contouring powder to make my face more defined and less corpse-y, more if it’s a glamorous event or performing on stage.


To contour:


Seen here are Lancome 041 Figue Espiegle and Hakuhodo J110.

Some of my favorite blushes:

If you need any convincing, here’s a full review of the Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush, which made it to my 2016 Favorite Beauty Products!


Blush brushes you’d love:



To Highlight:


On To Eye Makeup!

Even though I was advised that it’s okie to apply makeup on an already closed and healing wound, I was cautious not to apply any makeup on it and used my bangs to cover up instead.

This is a very simple eye makeup look. For more interesting combinations and other eye makeup techniques, check out my Eyeshadow Tutorial Application series!



*looking at you, into your soul*



Other products used:

If I can cover a terrible bruise with makeup, so can you for any dark undereye circles and other blemishes!


Hope you found this tutorial useful! 🙂 How I wish I could have time to make more of such tutorials. They’re extremely time and labor-intensive, but it’s also very satisfying and rewarding when you guys write to me and tell me how much you enjoyed reading them and learnt a trick or two.

See you soon! ^_^*

What’s the most severe injury you’ve had? Any concealer to share for dark eye circles? I’m always on the lookout for good ones! 🙂