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How Do ‘For All Skin Types’ Skincare Products Work On Acne-Prone & Sensitive Skin?

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December 2, 2017
Composed by : Bun Bun


My relationship with skincare products has always been rocky. Oily skin often leads to acne flare-ups, and when I use oil-controlling skincare products, not only is there no such desired effect, it tips whatever balance there is left on my skin and sets it ablaze. Skincare products that make promises of drying out pimples dry out my skin on the whole, leaving it oily + dry, with acne + flaking skin. -.-”

It is with plenty of resistance that I dig out old pictures of my skin. But a comparison is necessary to understand just how much it has improved in terms of texture, pigmentation, and overall acne control.

Take a deep breath…… *hrrrrrhh!* 😮


I’d hate to revert to that state! 😣  And this is considered a good day. Some are so grotesque I’d like to have them exclusively hidden in my hard drive. Whenever I’m having a bad skin day now, I look back at my these old ones and immediately my skin seems gorgeous lol.

Very often, I receive emails from readers who ask me questions on my skin, some allergy-related (Part 1) (Part 2), some acne-related (best tips for acne skin), and others write in to thank me for talking openly about my skin struggles, and that it makes them feel less alone. Yes, I feel you, my friends. I understand what you’re going through, the skincare products that never worked, the doctors that failed you, and the more downs than ups your skin has gone through. I’m here for you!



Here’s the ‘NOW’. Well, it’s definitely far from perfect – you can see some pimples, pigmentation, bumps, scars, but it’s pretty flawless by MY standards. My standards for complexion are very, very low. ‘Flawless’ means no acne; good enough! (#NOPS stands for No Photoshop LOL)

When my friend and brainchild of Clair® Skin Solutions gifted me a set of her skincare brand, I was both grateful and… skeptical. I mean, I’m skeptical of all skincare products, especially those marked ‘for all skin types’. How is my acne-prone skin in any way similar to dry skin??

Apparently, I have learnt that so long as quality ingredients are used and are made to be gentle on skin, a product CAN really work across most skin types! An improvement in skin is usually the result of a combination of factors, like diet, sleep, hormonal changes, but to be honest, none of these factors have changed much EXCEPT for the switch in skincare products.

My friend used to have troubled skin herself too, and having found no products in the markets that could solve her skin problems, decided to create her own. Clair® Skin Solutions is formulated in laboratories in France.

My Super Simple Skincare Routine

How many steps are there in your skincare routine?

Mine has only three.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Eye Cream
  3. Moisturizer

Yup, keeping it super simple! I have come to realize that for oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin, it is best to stick to basics. No need for essence, no serum, no booster, no mask – just cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer, and DONE. This is the three-step routine I’ve been sticking to for the past 6 months and am seeing great results.

The Clair® Skin Solutions Amino Acid Facial Cleanser lathers up beautifully, effectively lifts dead skin cells and sebum, and rinses away without leaving any residue. No squeaky or taut feel either!

Clair® Skin Solutions Amino Acid Facial Cleanser:

  • Gentle on skin
  • Removes impurities very well
  • Does not dry out skin



We all know that hydration is vital to keep the skin healthy, but when it comes to my oily skin even the tiniest amount of moisturizer can make me look like I’ve been working by the fire and haven’t had the opportunity to wash my face for days.

My favorite product of the range has got to be the Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Moisture Lotion. This moisturizer penetrates my skin quickly, after giving about 10 seconds for some lifting massages, and has a weightless finish. I was at first worried about having fragrance in the product as it’s always been cautioned that people with sensitive skin may react negatively to scented products. But nothing bad and all good so far, and my skin behaves like it has met its long-lost soulmate.

Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Moisture Lotion: 

  • Fast absorbing
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Lightweight
  • Smells lovely!



When I remember (I try to, but it always slips my mind! >.<), I apply the Clair® Skin Solutions Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ in the morning after moisturizer. It contains Chamomile, Silk Peptides, Pearl and Aloe Vera extracts to soothe skin problems caused by sun exposure.

I know the importance of sun care and the need to prevent signs of photo-aging, but after having heard from doctors that all sun protection products will cause some degree of acne for my sensitive skin, I decided to forsake sun protection in exchange for less pimples. It’s a vicious cycle, coz sunblock = acne = pigmentation, therefore sunblock = acne = pigmentation. Sigh.

#touchwood, but this sunblock hasn’t given me more acne than I normally would develop. Please remember to take off sunblock like you would do makeup!

Clair® Skin Solutions Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++:

  • Lightweight
  • Does not cause acne

Hydro Firming VS Royal Age Defying

The silver caps indicate the Hydro Firming range, and as the name describes, provides hydration and firming. This range also consists of the Hydro Firming Serum, which my very sensitive skin finds a tad too rich.



The gold caps belong to the Royal Age Defying range, and consists of Royal Age Defying Serum, Royal Age Defying Cream, and Royal De Pigmentation. I do feel that my skin isn’t ready for this level of richness yet, since it’s for more mature skin, but I’m using the Cream on my aging neck (WHY SO MANY LINES) to get started.

Better Packaging, Perhaps?

Seriously, the only gripe I have of my favorite moisturizer – Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Moisture Lotion, is the packaging. Wonderful stuff is encased in a luxurious frosted jar, and is released with a firm press of the pump. Not that I mind that there’s only 30ml for such a bulky jar, and not that I mind the pump, but I wish I could get more out of it, right down to the last drop! When the product reaches the end of its life, the pump becomes less efficient, and gets stuck completely when the pump can no longer eject more product. I mean it’s good stuff; I don’t wanna waste!

Twisting and prying the pump contraption have left me with sore fingers and a very much intact jar. Why oh why! 😩  I wish the cream could come in a squeeze tube or in some kind of container where I can open it and scrape it down to its last bit. Something like the Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Eye Cream tub!


By the way, this eye cream that addresses puffiness, fine lines and loss of skin elasticity under the eyes was unsurprisingly voted ‘Best Beauty Buys’ on Women’s Weekly. It’s non-greasy and gets absorbed in super speed, which is essential when you have to rush in the morning and need skincare to quickly set before applying makeup.

Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Eye Cream:

  • Quick absorbing speed
  • Hydrating


Just in case you didn’t get the message – packaging aside – I SUPER DUPER LOVE the Hydro Firming Moisture Lotion! ❤️  ❤️  I’ve gone through three tubs so far and ain’t stopping!

Where To Get Clair® Skin Solutions?

Currently, Clair® Skin Solutions can be purchased in Singapore, at Metro Centrepoint and OG People’s Park.


Hydration & Firming:

Clair® Skin Solutions Amino Acid Facial Cleanser (120ml) – S$38.00 ⭐️

Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Eye Cream (15ml) – S$46.00 ⭐️

Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Moisture Lotion (30ml) – S$62.00 ⭐️

Clair® Skin Solutions Hydro Firming Serum (30ml) – S$72.00



Clair® Skin Solutions Royal Age Defying Serum (30ml) – S$78.00

Clair® Skin Solutions Royal Age Defying Cream (30ml) – S$68.00 ⭐️

Clair® Skin Solutions Royal Dè Pigmentation Crèam (30ml) – S$80.00


The ⭐️  marks my favorites! Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll be on your way to better skin! 😉