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Intensive Acne Medic Treatment At Glomax Aesthetics For Skin With Acne Problems

Skin Care
February 17, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


Every year after a hearty reunion dinner I will discreetly reach under my top and unbuckle my jeans button, or loosen whatever I’m wearing. HAHAHA! We all know that gorging ourselves silly on the enormous variety of Chinese New Year goodies will make us grow horizontal. But we still do it, totally putting faith into the thought ‘I’ll go on a diet after the 15 days are over’.

You don’t?!!?

DON’T BLUFF!! Bahahaha!!

But did you know that the skin will also suffer from all that intake of heaty snacks, late night gambling (my dad prefers to call it ‘bonding’ lol) and a sudden tip of diet balance?

The facial parlors were booked to the brim post-holiday, so I didn’t go for a facial. I am so in need of a facial now!

Previously I went for a sponsored facial at Glomax Aesthetics. My consultant and I discussed my skin issues through an in-depth analysis and she recommended I go for the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment.

This treatment is suitable for problem skin with congested pores and acne. The process involves Sonic cleansing to vibrate off superficial impurities (sounds incredibly cool), extracting impurities from the root, sanitizing problem areas with a mild antiseptic high frequency, and then combining acne IPL to rebalance the sebum level.

This is the cross section of acne skin – with inflamed hair shaft. Mine probably looks like that. =(


I loved how the room looked so put together. So very atas* and tranquil.

*atas: slang for high-class



All was well – the room smelt good, the sheets were nice comfortable, the blanket provided enough warmth, when suddenly ‘DRRRRrrrrrr…..!!!!’

“Is there some renovation going on next door?”

“Oh, no. Someone’s using the anti-aging machine”

It was such an unexpected answer I must have embarrassingly let out a chuckle. Lol. But seriously, it did sound like that.


Impurities extracted from my skin. This was just minutes into it. I could have filled up a wash basin, I tell ya.

After intense extraction – I have lots of nonsense on my easily clogged pores – it wasn’t advisable to massage my skin so we proceeded with a cold mask to calm it.

I was surprised to find that my skin did not look red and angry after I woke up from the mask! Too many facial parlors have left me unrecognizable after a facial and I would usually take a day off and not go elsewhere but straight home to hide under my blanket.

Mind you, Gloxmax Aesthetics is located at Clarke Quay so I had every right to worry about the journey home. But my skin looked clean, fresh and radiant and I was even able to do some window-shopping at The Central.

If you find you need some deep cleansing or seek treatment for acne problems, I’m extending this treat to all my Bun Bun Makeup Tips readers.

Simply Quote “Juli Blog” to enjoy Intensive Acne Medic Treatment 60mins at $68 (UP$150). 

That’s 55% discount! WOOTZ!


Glomax Aesthetics

12 Eu Tong Sen St, #6-168, SOHO 2

The Central, Singapore 059819

(Above Clarke Quay Station)
[email protected]

Tel: +65 6225 5193

And here’s a little aunty-ish nugget about me. HAHA. I always wear leggings when I go for facials coz my legs get cold easily and I’ll fall sick easily if they aren’t wrapped up to stand against the cold blasting at my naked skin during facial.


Have you set a plan to shed those pounds gained over the holidays? I’m gonna dance it all away! But now, let’s just reach for another chi ku bing… just… one… more…. please…..

Chi ku bing are also known as ngaku chips. Made from the arrowhead vegetable, they are sliced very thinly then fried. It’s extremely labor intensive to make them and are only seen during CNY, which makes them even more precious. They can be considered my favorite CNY snack. So much tastier than potato chips or any kind of chips, for that matter.