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Juicy Couture Spring/Summer Collection 2013 | Singapore Social Concert 2013

May 23, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


Before I spam you share with you see the rest of our fabulously taken photos at the Juicy Coutur Spring/Summer 2013 launch, let me first tell you how excited I am about The Singapore Social Concert by Starcount that’s happening TOMORROW!


I don’t listen to English songs that much but I do know CeeLo sings ‘Forget You’ (and its alternative rendition), Carly Rae Jepsen sings ‘Call Me Maybe’, and PSY… who doesn’t know PSY, please!! Pardon me if you’re a fan of Blush, but I really don’t know who they are. Woops. (Tuning in to Chinese songs on the radio while typing out this post. Funny how my brain is able to listen to Chinese while I think and type in English. Lol.)

I chose to go for the 24 May concert which showcases these stars because the 25 May one only has Aerosmith and… I don’t think I’ll enjoy it much if I can only recognize ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ for the entire night. You still can get tickets here!

Thank you Nuffnang and Starcount for the tickets! It’s in 22 hours!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!! I’ll take plenty of pictures, I promise! =D

Okie! So before I come home tomorrow night and tell you how awesome that concert was, here are crazy pictures of us taken at the Juicy Couture Spring/Summer Collection 2013!

The (extremely subtle) theme was ‘modern pin-up’ and themed parties fuel me endlessly. ‘Pin-up’ in my impression was simply a beautiful woman with red lipstick.

Just to make sure, I Googled it.


I was mortified. WHAT SEXY SYMBOL!!??! Hello, not my style! Lol!!! I told the girls this style is all wrong for me.

But one must not complain about the theme and must do one’s best to adhere to it. So I went with a simple eye makeup, thick eyeliner (like I always sport anyway), and a red lipstick. Oh, and I stuck a flower in my hair. *cue Paso Doble Spanish Gypsy music*


From my Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips)

I needed curls, so off to the salon I went! I was slightly embarrassed when I had to show Weng what ‘pin-up’ meant. It was like watching porn together. SO WEIRD. @[email protected] Bahahahha!!!

I mean, just look at these pictures, and I already chose the spread with less provocative poses, and in cartoon. The life forms are way too…. erm… *closes eyes*.





My eye makeup for the event! I rarely wear falsies, but falsies are a necessity in the world of pin-up. Super easy! I completed it in like, 10 minutes?


I love bright colors coz they always seem to channel happy feelings, and wearing brights can bring cheer and flair to a moody or dull day. Always works for me! Then again, I mustn’t be too moody for the bright effect to work. Lol. If I’m really sad or moody, I’ll just go into ‘mourn mode’ and go all out black. Haha! Does it happen to you too? 😛



All of us! <3




Okie, that would be the last of us looking normal (meaning, pretty. HAHAHAHA!!)


Too many things going on in this picture!! Evonne is super amused by Peggy’s contorted mouth, Jess is showing her sexiest pout, Val is eating my flower, and I’m looking very chubby. Lol!!



I’m sorry… I…. cannotttt…. stop… laughing….!!!! HAHAHA!!

Even after looking at these pictures SO MANY times – from my camera screen, transferring to my computer, editing, Dropboxing the girls, resizing for my own blog, uploading them to my blog and now looking at them while I type, I STILL CAN L-O-L. XD



Okie, please remember us this way. 🙂

Thanks to Val for having such long arms so that she could hold my camera at a distance that would accommodate all our heads. If I were to hold it, maximum three people in the screen. Bahahaha!