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My Mascara Soul Mate: Lioele Blooming Volume & Curling Mascara

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May 18, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


We may have been in a relationship with several people in our lives, but truly loved only one or two. That one being in the entire universe who gets all your lame jokes, humors you, plays with you, laughs and cries with you and thinks of your socially awkward  nuances as special.

Finding the perfect mascara is like meeting your soul mate. I may have gone through more tubes of mascaras than I have of fingers and toes, but have truly only loved two.

BAHAHAHAHA!!! What’s with all these analogies about soul mates and whatnots! Feeling particularly emotive on this cheery Saturday morning coz it’s Mode day! =P *whistles a happy song*

One of the two was the Lancome Oscillation Mascara, and the other, the subject of review for today – Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara.

How then, does one conclude that a particular mascara is destiny?

LOL! Okie okie, I’ll stop with all these cliched but nonetheless romantic finding-your-soul-mate talk.


Hello, soul mate.


If I had to choose between eyeshadow and mascara, I’d take mascara anytime. Mascara opens up your peepers, darkens your lashes, and depending on type, does marvellous things such as volumizing, lengthening, curling, lash-separation and the confidence to flirt your eyes out.

Best Smudgeproof And Waterproof Mascara

Countless mascaras in the market claim to be the best at keeping smudging at bay, and I’m not going to be a disgruntled customer and say it’s all fake just because they didn’t work for me.

You see, I have oily lids and naturally-straight Asian eyelashes (that have been slightly lifted due to many years of using my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. YAYYY!!! :D) that run the risk of having black smears underneath the eyes with the use of a mascara that is not strong enough to stand against humidity and water.

Do I see you nod your head in agreement?


The Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara has so far, in these months of being used every single time I put on makeup with only short breaks in between to test out other mascaras, proven that its smudge- and water-resistant abilities are in a class of its own.

Well, at least, in a class that suits people who always have to take a peek in the mirror in fear of having black mascara smudges under the eye, LIKE ME.

I wear it to dance sessions and if not having it move a bit at the end of 3 intense hours isn’t enough of a testament to its prowess, I don’t know what is.

(Extra nuggets of info for you! 🙂 Difference Between Smudgeproof And Waterproof Mascara)

It’s All In The Wand Shape



I’ve come to realize that how well your mascara goes on and wears throughout the day is largely dependent on the shape of the mascara wand/brush (whatever you want to call it). Really, not kidding.

You just have to find the specific type of brush that suits your eye shape and size. I find that big, bushy, curved wands don’t suit me that well even though many people say they hug the lashes more snugly and give more volume. I’ve tried MANY mascaras with big, bushy, or curved wands and personally don’t find that they triumph over any types of shapes. It all boils down to personal preference and mine is small, straight, with some functional angles.

Ah, just look at the following image.


See how the curvature in the middle of the brush fits the shape of my eye so perfectly?

Also, I prefer mascaras with natural bristles to plastic or combs.

Does Not Irritate My Eyes + No Flaking

Have you ever tried a mascara that flakes like crazy even when it’s all brand new? Flakiness usually occurs when a mascara is getting near the end of its life and the lack of moisture and habitation of bacteria causes the formula to turn crusty and make you look like you have had a black snowfall (okie, maybe your mascara is blue/brown/purple/whatever). However, some mascaras are just flaky from the very beginning and they irritate my eyes endless.

I’ve tried too many mascaras that were flaky from the start. Firstly, it is not a pretty sight to have black dots underneath my eyes. Secondly, the flakes get into my eyes and I blink so often I’m embarrassed I might be blinking too much and had to put my hand over my eyes to BLINK AWAY.

I mean, what if the guy opposite me thinks I’m trying to flirt with him!?!! BAHAHA!!

This Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara does not flake at all. It’s extremely comfortable to wear. Granted, I haven’t neared the demise of this mascara – been using it for 4 months, maybe? – and it isn’t drying out or anything yet. But for these few months, I haven’t experienced a single black snowfall.

Holds A Curl All Day Long

As mentioned, I have eyelashes that point straight to the floor, but that have also been accustomed to a slight curl from many years of using eyelash curlers.

This is what I do:

  1. Curl lashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (the BEST, really)
  2. Apply Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum (an eyelash primer)
  3. Coat lashes with Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara

This mascara holds a curl with the most extraordinary tenacity. My lashes look the same after a long day as when I first curled and applied the Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara. Fresh curls all day long! Ceteris paribus (with the eyelash curler and eyelash primer being constant), the mascara is obviously the change instigator.

It keeps the curl, does not weigh down my lashes so that they droop and look like pathetic and sad, and doesn’t make me consciously aware that I’ve got something heavy on my lashes. LOVE!!! 😀


If you didn’t already know, Lioele is a Korean cosmetics brand and its full makeup range is available at Doll To Doll Cosmetics.

You might have seen this image on my Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips).


This is the actual picture without any filter, so you can see the true eyeshadow colors.


And another one!


You can tell that this eye makeup look is different from the first one you saw right (the one where I was describing the wand shape)? I like to wear blues, teals, turquoises and greens on my lower lashline. The one in the first picture is Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal, the one here is Clio Gelpresso in Jade Green.

Foundation: Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation

Eyebrow: K-Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow 02

Eyeshadows: MAC Warm Thunder, MAC Juxt, MAC Raving Mad, Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma

Eyeliner: Lioele Real Brush-Pen Eyeliner


Where To Get Products Mentioned:

K-Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow 02 (Doll To Doll Cosmetics)

Lioele Real Brush-Pen Eyeliner (Doll To Doll Cosmetics)

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal (Doll To Doll Cosmetics)

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow WARM THUNDER (Amazon)

MAC Eye Shadow – Juxt (Amazon)

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Compact – Shimma Shimma (Amazon)


 Bun Bun rates the Lioele Blooming Volume & Curling Mascara:

This is LOVE!








If you had to choose between eyeshadow and mascara, which would you choose?