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Stage Cosmetics Eyeshadows And A Failed Attempt At Fixing A Broken Eyeshadow

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July 29, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

I’ve finally got around to reviewing the Stage eyeshadows that I bought at the Stage Moving Out Sale more than two months ago. I got these wonderful high quality eyeshadows at a good deal – 2 for S$9! Can you believe it!


Wildflower is a shimmery lavender that goes well with just about any color of the lot. It’s a lovely princess-y color.

Poison is a shimmery denim blue, and is the most pigmented among all. I need to be extra careful with this one lest I get too much on the eyeshadow brush due to its intense pigmentation.

Platinum Princess is a shimmery silver with fine glitter, unlike the aluminum foil silver from L’Oreal HiP Eyeshadow Duo Platinum that has  c  h  u  n  k  y  bits of glitter.

Basil is a shimmery olive color that complements Parfair Amour beautifully. I swatched this at the Stage Cosmetics store and it was love at first sight. Like WOW-I-HAVE-TO-GET-THIS kind of love.

Parfait Amour is the only matte one and is a gorgeous plum color. LUVVV!!

Because I like the colors so very much, I thought of depotting them and placing them in the customizable makeup Z-palette so that I can bring all of them around in one neat casing.

So I experimented with Envy Me.

You’d think all’s well looking at the sequence of pictures. But no.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to get the pan out of the plastic casing. I tried the heat method (using a flat iron hair straightener to melt the glue), the pouring method (allowing rubbing alcohol to slowly drip into the underside to corrode the glue as taught by Enkore), the prying method (sliding something thin and sharp between the gaps to pop the pan out), and the destroying method (using pliers to break the plastic casing.  See, I also pulled out the cover).

Unlike MAC eyeshadows where the pan is glued onto a separate plastic from the main container, the Stage eyeshadows are directly glued onto the main container. There was NO WAY to separate the pan from its casing without breaking the eyeshadow.

By the time I went through all that nonsense after a tormenting 30 minutes, I was irritated, agitated, and willing to give up on Envy Me. So I forced everything out – the pan, the powder, the glue.

NO WONDER I couldn’t get it out! The pan was stuck with those industrial strength glue that turned into a rubbery substance. And the glue was applied all over the centre of the pan. Rubbing alcohol was no match for this.

I fixed the shattered eyeshadow the way I successfully did for the Too Faced Duo in Lucky Charms. It turned out looking alright and I left it to dry for the night.

Then the next night, I checked on it and it wouldn’t swatch!!! It didn’t get on my finger nor brush and the texture was completely different from its original velvety one. You can see my fingernail marks there. Normally if you dig your nails into an eyeshadow pan the pressed powder would flake and a dent would result. But not this one! It had become so dry nothing I did could get the eyeshadow to work anymore.

Sigh… I’m really sad it turned out like that. I haven’t thrown it away yet because I hope a miracle would happen. Haha

It’s a pity I can’t depot the other Stage eyeshadows (don’t dare to anyways!); I’ll just have to bring the individual eyeshadows around when I need them.

Have you ever fixed a broken eyeshadow?

Have you ever had an eyeshadow (or other makeup products) that turned into cement? LOL.

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