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Taste The Good Life In Style – 3M Hot, Cold, Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser

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January 13, 2017
Composed by : Bun Bun


My husband and I share many things – love, a home, a common interest in Muay Thai, and a best friend in our kitchen. I have lost count the number of times Mr Mode has said that this 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is the best addition to his domestic life and thanked me for introducing it into our home. 🙂

Pre-3M era, this was our orchestra of water vessels – kettles, flasks, thermos, jugs. @[email protected]” The kettle (1) boils the water, then to keep some hot water, we use thermos (4). If more hot water needs to be retained, we pour into (5) and (6) too. The rest is poured into the electric kettle (2) which we previously used to boil water but realized it might have been the root of our escalating utilities bill. Because (3) is a plastic jug, we have to wait till the water in (2) is cooled before transferring it over. Looks like some strategic warfare.


Our love for Milo, Horlicks, and other hot drinks took a back seat when we moved into our own home as it makes no sense to boil a whole kettle of water just for one cup of hot beverage. And then, where goes the rest of the water?

It already takes so much effort just to have clean water to drink for the both of us, can you imagine what happens when we have guests over? We can keep boiling water, but there aren’t enough storage options. And with HDB homes getting increasingly smaller, large kettles and water flasks only take up precious kitchen real estate. They aren’t aesthetically pleasing either.

It was difficult, but we managed to adapt to not having hot water to make hot beverages as and when we fancied. However the inconvenience of not having hot water was made apparent when my parents came over and I asked if they’d like coffee coz their eyelids were getting heavy, and then had to apologetically tell them to wait for 15 minutes so I could boil some water. 🙁


NOW WE CAN HAVE <<insert favorite hot beverage>> ANYTIME WE WANT!! WOOHOO!! 😀

It’s such a life-changer, really. Not only can we have hot, cold, and room temperature water to make our favorite drinks at the press of a button, the 3M Water Dispenser has encouraged Mr Mode to drink less cold water and more room temperature or warm water. We all know the health benefits of drinking warm water – it activates our digestive system, which helps avoid indigestion, helps stimulate blood flow to the intestine and helps prevent constipation.

The best way to kick start your metabolism early in the morning is with a glass of hot water and lemon (or without the lemon), and during the day warm water helps to detox the body. It relieves nasal and throat congestion, enhances blood circulation and more! Now better health can be more easily achieved with the 3M water dispenser.



There’s nothing more annoying than having to boil a whole kettle of water just for a cup of instant cup noodles. Totally takes the ‘instant’ out of it.

Some drinks have to be consumed cold, like Ribena, Bandung, and oh, our favorite Milo Truck which you just add cold water to the Milo powder to have Milo that tastes like the ones dispensed from Milo Trucks on Sports Day in primary school. I have never typed the word ‘Milo’ so many times in a sentence before. Lol. Ever since the 3M dispenser came into our lives, Mr Mode has stopped making ice coz ice cubes dilute the taste.



The drip tray at the bottom can be removed to accommodate taller jugs or water bottles. There is also an auto-dispense mode that is useful for filling larger containers; simply select and hold the LED button for room temperature (green) or cold (blue) water till the light blinks, then push the black dispense button. The water will flow continuously until you press on either button, so you can walk away and accomplish more important things in life than holding a jug and staring at the water flow.

Installation was seamless because all I had to do was be home to open the door for the 3M guy to do his magic. A valve was attached so that water can flow to both the 3M water dispenser and washing machine. No, it does not affect the washing machine water flow in any way.

The device was built to keep maintenance to a minimum. All you have to do is change one filter cartridge and clean the water tank once every 6 months. The filter replacement process takes two steps: (1) Twist to remove the old filter cartridge (2) Plug in the new cartridge. Super easy! Don’t worry, the 3M staff know their stuff and will advise you the best method and position to install and place your dispenser, and answer any other queries you might have. Any time you have questions, you can also ring them up. =)


Have you seen those dispensers with a bulky overturned bottle plugged in at the top? My workplace has one, and my grandparents used to have one in their home too. The whole assembly with standby bottles take up way too much standing and storage space.

The 3M Filtered Water Dispenser takes up a fraction of that space on our kitchen countertop, and we are guaranteed a continuous supply of pure, clean, BPA-free water. No muscles nor sweat need to be shed.

One surprising revelation was that the water discharged by 3M Filtered Water Dispenser is SO CLEAN it is suitable for goldfishes. 😆 According to my fisherman husband, goldfishes are extremely susceptible to impurities in water. Previously he had to add duno-what water conditioner or purifier to maintain the integrity of the water, as they are so fragile extra care has to be taken to ensure their survival. Now he has completely done away with the chemicals and the goldfishes are living well and happy with clean and purified water courtesy of the 3M dispenser. 😀


In summary, how the 3M Hot, Cold, Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser has transformed the way my husband and I experience one of life’s essential elements at home is attributed to these reasons:

  • Continuous supply of hot, cold, room temperature water
  • No need for manual refilling
  • Hot water safety lock feature
  • BPA-free
  • UV sterilization
  • Just one cartridge to be replaced ($120) every 6 months
  • Easy replacement of cartridge
  • Low maintenance
  • Removable catchment to fill taller water bottles (max 25cm)
  • Energy efficient, cost-saving (works out to only $0.03 per litre of water)
  • Comes in white and black (we chose white coz it goes well with our white cabinets)

Usual price: $1,888

Promotion: $1,488 + 1 free filter cartridge (worth $120) + free installation

Bun Bun’s further discount: First 20 to order and quote <JULI3M> get a further $50 off ==> $1,438 (28 till Feb 2017)

Order at this link and enjoy $570 in savings ==> https://goo.gl/forms/WxzZXUZ5XXPUo3vr2

If you have any questions, simply call 6288 8290, WhatsApp 8722 1727 or email [email protected]

The dispenser is available for purchase at Jestac, Selfix, selected Home-Fix and Best Denki stores.



This post was written in collaboration with 3M.