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Tutorial: Halloween Zombie Nurse Makeup And Costume

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February 27, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


Back in the old days, patients called nurses ‘Miss’. But those who couldn’t pronounce it replaced it with ‘Missy’.

No, I don’t think any real nurse in any part of the world dresses like this. Definitely not! It’s too short, too sexy, too revealing to be worn as work clothing. But perfectly alright for a Halloween zombie nurse’s night out.

I went to Evonne’s house to pick something to wear for Halloween. She has plenty of kinky and slutty costumes. LOL. TOO EROTIC FOR ME!! I cannot carry sexy. This nurse costume was the most decent of the lot and I didn’t have to suck in my tummy (not as much as I’d have to for the rest).

It came with a matching hat and a collar (kinky, I tell you). So I only had to spend on white stockings and white shoes which were conveniently available at Bugis Street. The stockings cost SGD 10 and the shoes… SGD 19.90, I think.

I aim to spend as little as possible for Halloween coz it’s really not that sensible to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume you’ll probably never wear again. Even renting a costume for SGD 50 is over budget for me. I can be a zombie over and over, but must be of different characters.

On the day of the Halloween event, I hardly had enough sleep having just returned from a trip to Guangzhou in the wee hours of the morning. That made my eyebags more puffy and my dark circles more pronounced. Natural effects accomplished.

Zombies have dull and desiccated skin, with decay and emaciation on their face and body. My idea of looking like The Undead was simple. Gaunt.

So I added plenty of eyeshadows in shades of brown, plum, and maroon to achieve this.


Contouring the hollows and leaving the top of the bones clear created the effect of sunken and sallow-looking skin.

Then Min arrived.

Min’s makeup was really easy to do. Initially she wanted just to look pale, kinda like Goth, but I convinced her to have some blood. So with just two copiously flowing streaks of blood, we had her transformed into the terror of the night. HAHAHA!

I couldn’t find a first aid kit in time so I decided to DIY. But I didn’t have time, so Min made it for me! 😀

Halloween-Zombie-Nurse-Costume-Makeup-Tutorial-3Zombie doing art & craft

Halloween-Zombie-Nurse-Costume-Makeup-Tutorial-7Zombie nurse’s first aid kit paper bag

After I was done with Min’s makeup, I continued with mine. Here’s showing you how I achieved my zombie makeup. I wanted something scary but not too ugly. I wanted to look undead but still a little bit pretty.

I used Lioele Sun Chiffon as my face primer to ensure makeup lasts through the night. Bourjois Youth Flower Perfection, which is a shade lighter, was my foundation. Then I used Sugarpill in Tako to powder the whole face to make it paler.


Halfway through contouring. Brows not done yet.


This method of using liquid latex to create artificial wounds and texture is readily and widely available on YouTube.


This Min kept making me laugh and suddenly she said this to me……


(You don’t look sexy at all, laughing and looking like that!)

…… in reference to how I looked.



Seriously, I think I looked like a prisoner-of-war with those impoverished-looking shoulder blades.


Ready for Trick or Treat!!

Oh yes, I did contouring and added fake blood on the bullet head wound, and gave my hand the effect of having skin peeled off to reveal the bones. Pretty awesome, I must say. Lol. Rubbed fake blood on my stockings and rehearsed the blank expression.

It’s so hard trying not to laugh when I’m with Min, though.

Products used:

Face primer: Lioele Sun Chiffon

Foundation: Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation

Face powder: Sugarpill Tako

Eyeshadows: Too many! But I remember using Urban Decay Buck, Urban Decay Naked (both in the Urban Decay Naked Palette), Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, NYX Rust.

Eyebrows: Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Wound: OCC Lip Tar, Sugarpill Love+, fake blood, liquid latex

Lips: Lioele Magic Lip Treatment, fake blood on the side


What’s scary about this picture is not my face, but Min laughing with tears of blood in the background. OMFG.


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How much would you spend on Halloween costume and makeup? I know of people who are willing to spend big on costumes and hire professional MUAs just for Halloween.