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Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Launch & Review | Tiramisu Hero Cafe Opening

November 29, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


The above picture made the cover of this post because three pretty girls (+ Tricia + Evonne) are better than one. TEEHEEHEE.

It’s just the right time to write this post, isn’t it? These were taken during the pre-launch of Urban Decay Vice 2 palette in September 2013, and now they’re readily available in Sephora!


Hair, makeup and outfit for the day. I’m really glad to be back in the game, could never get sick of getting dressed up and made up specially for an event! ūüėÄ


The lipstick’s Maybelline Bold Matte in Sugar Pink, love this bright shade of coral.


Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review



First row:  Smokeout  |  Lovesick  |  Shellshock  |  Coax  |  X-rated


First row thoughts: Lovesick was pretty hard to swatch so I reckon it wouldn’t show up on the lids. I usually do single or, at most, double swatches so this is Lovesick, with a double swatch. The glitter is the fall-all-over-the-place kind, pigmentation is not very consistent as well, one of my least favorites.

On the other hand, it’s friend beside it, Shellshock, totally SHOCKED me with a single swatch! WOOHOO!! Excellent pigmentation! Its texture and pigmentation really blew me away. I’d wear this on the middle portion of the lid as a highlight for dimension. Coax is a pretty shade of pink, quite wearable, not the kind that would make your eyes look swollen.


Second row:  Prank  |  Madness  | Strike  |  Stash  |  Poison


Second row thoughts: I love the first four – Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash – all of them apply and blend well. Poison is a little dry, but it looks gorgeous in the palette.


Third row:  Radar  |  Damaged  |  Voodoo  |  Betrayal  |  Derailed


Third row thoughts: If anything, I’d buy the palette just for this row. I could see myself owning a palette that consists of only these shades. They’re so me! You know, the kind of colors I love wearing. Betrayal reminds me a lot of Grifter from Urban Decay Ammo Palette. Betrayal goes very well with Voodoo¬†(Betrayal on inner 2/3 and Voodoo on outer 1/3 or Outer V). Damaged is simply gorgeous, nice texture and pigmentation too.


Fourth row:  Dope  |  Toxic  |  Habit  |  Ambush  |  Rewind


Fourth row thoughts: Ambush is a lovely copper shade and while Rewind looks chalky in the swatch, it performs pretty awesome as a contour shade! Oh, Habit is there, can’t you see? Lol! It’s so close to my skin color, which makes it a pretty good blend-out color. Not so much for a brow bone highlight though coz it has a teeny bit of brown in it. Reminds me of The Body Shop Color Crush in Sand By Me.

Whenever a palette falls into my hands, the first thing that comes to mind is LET’S DEPOT. Hahaha! Chances of my eyeshadows getting used increase by ten folds the moment they get depotted into my Z palettes. But the packaging of the Vice 2 is really beautiful…. but no depot = no use!…. but it’s so well-made… but it’s kinda bulky… ahhhhhh…. dilemma dilemma!! :O

Urban Decay Vice 2 palette is available at Sephora for SGD88.00.

Tiramisu Hero Cafe Opening

I wanted to share with y’all how I first met Peggy. For 2 days I let this post go unpublished simply because I could not, for the life of me, recall how we met!! LOL! I still cannot recall, so… here goes.




This is the toilet. THE TOILET. Toilet also so nice, omg.

Tiramisu is Tiramisu Hero’s star product (like, duh) and you can customize your tiramisu with your desired alcohol content, wetness and sweetness. But strangely enough I haven’t had the chance to try it before! WHYYYY!! Oh my, I must make a trip to the cafe soon. It’s a great place to chill or work! I love the vibe of the cafe, so chic, and everything’s so tastefully designed.



See all the Sir Antonios (Tiramisu Hero’s mascot) on the wall? They were HAND-DRAWN by Pegs and Aileen and the team!


The ladder is so damn cool. It makes me feel cool being seen in such a cool place.

With bosses Peggy and Aileen! =DDD


I’m really happy for Pegs and Aileen to have a cafe of their own. To live your dream, that’s about the best thing in life. Wish you both HUAT HUAT okie!! =D


121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548
Tel: 62925271


Which are your favorite shades from the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette? (You didn’t forget that the upper half of this post was about the Vice 2, did you? Lol) Have you been to the Tiramisu Hero yet? I wanna bring my MacBook to the cafe sometime soon!