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Spamming Taken To A New Level: Comments On YOUR Blog Appearing On Mine. What The…?

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June 9, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

This is what all spammers want right? Your attention, your trust that the link is what they make you think it is, that you’re gonna see some good stuff when you click.

It started a couple of days ago, this insane avalanche of nonsensical comments hiding behind the masks of seemingly sensible sentences ought to be typed by balanced individuals.

I received 5 on the first day, and then 10 on the second. By the third, I was deleting these rubbish comments every 2 hours.

At first, with only receiving email notifications and without actually reading the content of the email, I thought ‘WOW! WTF – Why The Flood??’ I haven’t been doing anything epic to warrant such sudden increase in comments from readers, new or current. Do note that spamming is different from trolling.

The comments seemed very real, you know, like how real comments are. (This doesn’t make sense, does it? LOL!) I mean, let’s say the post is a review on a makeup product – a mascara. Readers would respond with their like or dislike of it, thanking for the recommendation, asking for opinions, where to purchase, or comment probably on why my brows look so unkempt (hoho).


Flood In Abnormal Spammers

If I were less careful and simply approved the comments because they looked authentic enough, I would have plenty of comments on posts entirely unrelated to the posts.

Of course the image shows 0 comments. No sane person clicks on an image and comments on that particular image!

The post was on the difference between Horizontal and Vertical Gradient Eyeshadow Application, why the comment on MUFE products?


Firstly, I don’t do videos. Secondly, why is this person also talking about MUFE??


Oh yes, calling me (other) names really excites me.


I checked and I didn’t ask for any recommendations for foundation, palettes, or eyeliner in that post. Waste my time!!!

The post was a review on Makeup Geek eyeshadows, not Sugarpill.

What happened to the good ol’ days when spam was just spam?

When spam looked like, well, normal spam.

Spam that immediately got detected as spam and sent straight to the spam bin.

Spam that looked alien yet friendly (coz we know it’s spam).

Spam that ought to look and behave like spam has EVOLVED!

I’d take Good Ol’ Spam any day man.

Switched Bodies? Makeup Geek Comments Appearing on Bun Bun Makeup Tips

This is the most interesting thing that has happened. Interesting, if I’m being positive. Freaking frustrating actually, to say the least!


Did you see it? Did you catch to whom the comments were directed?

Marlena! Marlena of Makeup Geek!

At first I brushed it off as mere coincidence, but after getting like 10 comments that all started with variations of ‘Hi Marlena’, ‘Dear Marlena’ and following with content containing ‘Makeup Geek’, it’s hard to ignore the obvious signs, isn’t it?

So they’re actually REAL people! Real, balanced, intelligent people, who wrote in human, non-spam language to Marlena of Makeup Geek!

But why was I, owner of bunbunmakeuptips.com receiving them instead??

Did you also notice that the authors all show facebook profiles? When I mouse over, this is what I see. What the…?

You have no idea how frustrating it is to have to read through every comment to make sure I approve those really meant to appear on Bun Bun Makeup Tips and not those accidentally cross-spirited from MUG. Because these comments are ‘real’ (unreal to me), they pass Akismet’s screening. It’s also a huge waste of time having to refer to the post to ensure the comment really IS spam coz it’s just so real.

I have alerted the MUG Team about this technical glitch and am waiting for the results of investigation.

Please stay with me as I slowly swim through the congested river, sieving out comments that belong to me and thinking about what to do with those that have somehow landed from another universe.

Edit: Actually it’s not that difficult differentiating real and spam comments. Author: facebook profile link ==> TRASH. 😀

I’ll update once I get a reply from MUG Team! Has anything so insane happened on your blog before? Help?

Update: I’ve switched to Livefyre. Here’s my review on the Livefyre comment system!