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Luxurious Pampering At Capitol Piazza

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November 26, 2016
Composed by : Bun Bun


Whether you’re hoping to spruce up your wardrobe or looking for that perfect present, there’s guaranteed to be something for you at Capitol Piazza, the sparkling new retail arm of Capitol Singapore.

Capitol Singapore comprises of 3 conservation buildings – Capitol Theatre, Capitol Building and Stamford House. After years of renovation and refurbishment, the complex has been given new life, primed to recapture its former glory. Capitol Piazza is the swanky new four-storey upmarket retail mall, and consists of three zones: Galleria, Arcade, Neue.

Galleria is where you’ll be spoiled for choice from a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants. You can take all the time in the world, walking up and down, to decide which ones to enter as the compound is entirely air-conditioned. Arcade houses internationally celebrated luxury brands, and Neue is where new-to-Singapore brands and flagship stores and the underground link to the City Hall MRT reside.




I think people of my generation were borne of parents who definitely had a date or two at Capitol Theatre – it was a generation’s icon. People say I look very much like my mum. I think so too, I look at her old photos and see a 70% resemblance. I can almost picture my mum, standing at the exact spot as I am in the above picture, waiting for my dad, excited and nervous for their date night at Capitol Theatre.


Capitol Theatre saw its last movie patron in 1998 and my childhood memories of Capitol Theatre was that despite its dilapidated state, it held distinct architectural features that let it remain as one of Singapore’s landmarks. Everyone knows where Capitol Theatre is.

At the new Capitol Piazza, there’s so much more to do! I spent two afternoons getting pampered at Soap Stories, Simply Aesthetics, and Branche Hair & Nail Salon. I think every hardworking woman deserves to have some days of pampering. 😀

Soap Stories



I expected to crinkle up my nose as I always do when I walk past, much less enter, a store that sells handmade soaps. The cumulative smell of soaps and skincare usually doesn’t sit well with my sensitive sense of smell. However, I found my senses easing comfortably into the fragrances when I stepped into Soap Stories.

Soap Stories was born out of a passion to bring ethically sound and organically grown handmade soaps to the public, and is now a worldwide provider of skincare products.

The soaps looked so yummy! Like colorful agar-agar, which I love. \^o^/ The staff shared that when they give out samples, people mistake them for candy and put them in their mouths. Hahaha. These beautiful, handmade soaps retail for $18 each, but for a promotional period, you can get them at 3 for $30! Each is a sizeable slab, which can last more than a month. Go have a whiff at the store! I’m sure you’ll easily pick up three scents to your liking.

The ERA Ageless Future range of organic skincare products uses an exclusive formula of vitamin-rich oils and organic plant-based materials. All products are organic, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

I had the chance to try out the In-Depth Uplifting Eye Gel and Powerful Deep Wrinkle Filler. The Store Manager applied a tiny blob of the eye gel on my eye area and I was very impressed by the efficacy! The fine lines under my eyes immediately blurred, and I felt safe knowing that it wasn’t because of dimethicone or any harmful chemicals, since all their products are organic and handmade. 🙂

ERA In-Depth Uplifting Eye Gel UP $524.99

ERA Powerful Deep Wrinkle Filler UP $1049.99

Okie the prices might seem a little scary, but that’s because these two products are so power-packed with good ingredients that you only have to apply the eye gel once a WEEK, and the wrinkle filler once a MONTH.

AND WAIT, in addition, I have awesome news!

ERA In-Depth Uplifting Eye Gel UP $524.99 Introductory price $399.00  ($125.99 saved!)

ERA Powerful Deep Wrinkle Filler UP $1049.99 Introductory price $399.00 ($650 saved!)

Now, how about a special Christmas present for mum or yourself? 😀




Soap Stories

NEUE | B2-22 | 6384 3524

Simply Aesthetics




I was in and out of Simple Aesthetics within 20 minutes, including my changing of clothes, taking pictures, and getting the Super Hair Removal treatment for my legs. It’s been 4 weeks since I had my leg hair removed by SHR, I haven’t shaved because the hair has been growing back at such a snail-crawling speed I reckon it’s gonna take another 2 weeks to actually see any sign of hair growth.

SHR works by permanently destroying hair follicles using low frequency repetitive laser pulses targeting the susceptible hair follicles. I wouldn’t say it hurt, just a split second of a stinging sensation, like getting flicked by a rubber band. The LED-colored water bed definitely made the whole experience more fun as I whooped and whoa-ed when I sank into it. Lol.


Simply Aesthetics

NEUE | B1-28 | 6384 2598

Branché Hair & Nail Salon


I went to Branché Hair & Nail Salon thinking it must just be another regular high-end salon with good service. But what I totally did not expect was to be impressed by everything from the moment I stepped into the store – from the ambience, to the layout, to the technology, to the products, and most definitely, the service.

I’ve never seen a bar counter in a salon, much less one with such an extensive menu of drinks (you want champagne? they have it. you want fruit tea? choose your fruit. want coffee? how about hand-roasted?). I love how Japanese salons have a high regard for privacy. There are three individual spaces outside, bordered by partitions, and one VIP room which makes you not want to exit once you enter. Hoho.


This matcha latte, presented in full Japanese artistic glory, was hands down THE BEST matcha latte I’ve ever had in my life. While having that, I chatted with a customer who was waiting for his fiance. They were to be wed over the weekend and came to have their hair and nails all nicely done by the team. He had plenty of good things to say about Kai, whom later was introduced as my stylist too. 🙂

I tried the pineapple tea, which was refreshing, and had bits of pineapple. I would have taken my time to sip it if I weren’t so busy trying to get used to being so pampered left-right-centre. Hahaha. Oh, no no, I was really busy taking peeks at Kai’s immaculately coiffed hair – not a single strand was out of place.


Living the life, I tell ya~. That’s the yume chair, aka dream chair, with a sink that silently travels to where the chair is which then fully reclines so that all you have to do is… well, nothing. Just relax and enjoy, with soothing music playing in the background.

With the lights turned off, my head getting massaged by Kai’s skillful hands, and my nails getting carassed by Safori, I fought a long and hard battle to stay awake. I wanted to remember the feeling, not snooze into dreamland! 😆

At Branché, every customer receives the full attention of the stylist, who will be with you from start to finish. Both Kai and Safori exhibited top notch service and impeccable skills throughout.


Have you had gelish done before? Then you’d know how damaging that can be when each time you want to have the previous design removed, the manicurist will buff the hell outta your nails. It took me less than 5 such sessions, experienced at 3 different places, to make me swear off gelish. I cannot fathom how people can keep going back, and even do back-to-back gelish, knowing very well their nails get increasingly damaged each time. I do not fancy thin and soft nails! >_<

Safori explained that Branché uses Paragel technique, where no buffing is involved and can be easily removed with a machine. This obviously keeps the nails healthier and stronger. If you love to have embellished nails, but fear the consequences of buffing, I strongly recommend a trip to Branché to try Paragel.

Safori’s artwork and techniques are superb. Those, and with the use of superior quality nail products has enabled the nailart to still be going strong after more than a month!



I left the salon with perfect hair and nails, and a bounce in my step. During the 2-hour session I had such an enjoyable time with both Kai and Safori that it’s hard to believe Kai could hardly string together a sentence in English when he first came to Singapore. Now they’re so fluent! 🙂

If you’re looking for a salon that will provide undivided attention, quality service, and superior quality products, do come by! Branché offers attractive discounts for first timers (30%, I heard) and has a loyalty program.


Branché Hair & Nail

NEUE | B1-33 | 6702 3036

Christmas is drawing near, soon it will be the countdown to yet another year, and then in less than a month it will be Chinese New Year! To pamper yourself after a year’s work or to bring on good luck for the new year, or for whatever the reason, it’s time to get a makeover and you know where to achieve that! Thank you Soap Stories, Simply Aesthetics, Branché Hair & Nail, and of course, Capitol Piazza, for having me! 🙂



This post was written in collaboration with Capitol Piazza.