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Cookies & Cream Cupcakes With Oreo Cream Frosting

Recipes, January 17, 2017
Composed by : Bun Bun


I like to bake cupcakes for fun. When I have a craving for one cupcake, I’ll bake twenty four. 😆  The eating part is satisfying, but the making-of is pure bliss. Perhaps it’s the feeling of creation that keeps me going and going back despite knowing there’ll be a mountain of dirty baking stuff to be washed later.





I made and photographed these Oreo cupcakes a year ago. As you can tell, my piping skills were really lacking haha. Also, back then I hadn’t bought a standing mixer yet and each time it was a disaster creaming the butter and sugar, or mixing in icing sugar with a lousy hand mixer from Taobao. The lowest speed was on TURBO, sending butter, sugar, flour all over the place. I bought a mixing bowl with a lid from IKEA, but even that didn’t make life much better.

Anyhoo, what I’m saying is that it is possible to make cupcakes without a standing mixer. A proper handheld one is actually good enough since you’re not making large quantities.

The original recipe from Cupcake Jemma uses 2½ packets of Oreo cookies. I like to be precise and set off researching ‘how many Oreo cookies are there in a packet’ 😆 . Apparently, different number of Oreo cookies are packed for different countries. Some contain 12, some 16, some 20. I used 12 for this recipe. I also reduced the sugar content and used skimmed milk instead of whole milk. More details on changes made under Notes at the bottom of this post.