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One Month To Our Vintage Garden Wedding!

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August 17, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


We are LESS THAN ONE MONTH away from the wedding! SAY WHATTT!!!! *panic mode*

We started planning sooooo early (1 year ago) that we actually lost a bit of steam along the way HAHA, and only really got on track about 3 months before. So actually, planning a wedding in three months is pretty do-able!

That is, if you’re really not that fussy and prefer a run-of-the-mill wedding.

Not that I have anything against one of those. In fact, if he had a choice, Mr Mode would prefer to just have our names signed on construction paper, presented to HDB for recognition of a lawful marriage, and call it a day.

But I would probably most likely definitely berate him for the rest of our lives for not giving me my dream wedding. So this wedding is really for him, to spare him the agony of my nagging. BAHAHA!

I don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding, which explains why I took great effort into ensuring all my wedding sponsors are one of the best in town. 😀

Wedding Decorator – Rosette Designs

One year ago, while researching on wedding decorators in Singapore, I came across Rosette Designs. The photo gallery containing collages of their works left a deep impression but I left it as that as it was too early to plan anything and we didn’t even have our wedding date finalized yet!


One year later, after researching on plenty of wedding decorators, I went back to Rosette. Haha! If you take a look at their gallery, you will know what I mean. :)

After meeting Hellen, principal designer of Rosette, a couple of times and conveying the theme I have in mind, Hellen put together a mood board. I’m SOOOOO looking forward to our wedding day deco!


I think it’s very important to set the color theme right. Even if you don’t have a strong theme eg. vintage/glamorous/colorful/rustic, at least have a color theme so everything looks more cohesive.

Choosing the color theme was quite fun for me coz I like to mix and match textures and colors. But don’t worry if you have no idea coz Hellen will be there to guide you!

Bun-Bun-Makeup-Tips-Wedding-Sponsors_Rosette-Designs_3.1Bun Bun is finally donning a wedding gown! Heehee!! I love the groom! Hellen and the team nailed the essence of Mr Mode – the hair, eyes, mouth. And we’re the same breed of alien coz we both have 4 ears.

Wedding Photographer – Confetti Peektures

I wanted a photographer who could understand and bring out the beauty of our wedding theme. It sure wasn’t easy finding one.

Actual Day Photography

‘Vintage garden wedding’ doesn’t really explain in full how I envision the wedding theme to be. It’s more than that. We are holding it at a vintage venue, but we don’t want an overkill of all things old and granny. We want it to be romantic, but with a bit of fun, a pop of color, and in accordance to our personalities, a more light-hearted and fun vibe! The photos must reflect these!

I found in Confetti Peektures the perfect photographer – Angie! When we met to understand my concept and discuss what Angie can propose, I was over the moon that she could get what I want. She has way more photos in her iPad so I would recommend meeting up with her for a discussion.

I love that Angie captures emotions very well (you can take a look at her gallery). Some couples like photographers who take glorious scenery but I prefer those who focus on emotions and expressions coz they’re the hardest to capture and the most precious.

Casual Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Mode and I met in secondary school and we wanted to eternalize this memory with pictures. So today we went back to school for a casual pre-wedding photoshoot, to re-create childhood memories. HAHA! It was a little nerve-wrecking to write an email to the school to ask for permission. Thank goodness they were very nice and granted us that.

We got our uniforms re-produced to the way they looked back in 1999 and found old-school white shoes and socks too.




Stalker. HAHA.


These pictures were taken by my best friend, with my camera. Thank you BFF for coming all the way down to accompany and help us! I have so many funny behind-the-scenes pictures that I have to write a separate post.

Can’t wait to receive the professionally-taken photos from Angie! 😀

Wedding Cake + Favors  – Butter Studio

It was through Heroine Make’s café hopping campaign that I got to know Butter Studio.


Amantha, my awesome blog manager, and I had a wonderfully sweet time there and it was then that started my love affair with their Sea Salt Caramel Nutella Tart. Big THANK YOU to my dearest Amantha who has helped me a great deal with the wedding too! *muack!*


I couldn’t ask for a more fantastic team to make my wedding cake and favors! Shannon is such a nice lady to work with and the passion she has for her business and in making each and every customer happy is truly inspiring.

I love that my wedding cake will not be the typical frosted cake, but something more unique, with a raw, rustic feel. I’m rarely at a loss for descriptive words, but I really don’t know how to describe my cake. Haha! Shall let the pictures speak for themselves!



An example of how my dessert table will look. SO PRETTY!!! 😀

My wedding favors will be one of Butter Studio’s best-sellers! I’m not telling what so I don’t spoil the surprise for my guests but it will be both YUMMY + CUTE coz there will be our wedding sticker on the favor, also designed by Rosette Designs!

Wedding Photobooth – Hello Forever

I’ve seen Hello Forever around for several events and their print quality is EXCELLENT. No grainy, blurry photos, and the team is very professional. Gonna meet up with the team next week to discuss about the customized backdrop (YES YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN!) and props! Woohoo!! 😀

Bridesmaids Dresses – A For Arcade

I’m a huge fan of A For Arcade. I think I have more than 20 pieces of clothing by AFA. Hoho! Love their quality and designs.

You know that feeling when you walk into a shop and want to put your entire paycheck into the hands of the storeowner? Yeah, that’s how I feel when I look at AFA’s clothings.

I am not a fan of chiffon bridesmaids dresses, so it was quite a struggle finding something that appealed to me. I am ecstatic that my bridesmaids will be donning AFA on my special day! It will be a white tube top with sweetheart neckline and a beautiful blue-green tulle skirt. The color of the skirt is the pop of color for our theme!

I LOVE sweetheart necklines and tulle. These were my 2 criteria for my own wedding gown. More about that in my next post!

Wedding Gowns – Danny L

When I think of how much effort I put into finding my perfect wedding gown, I want to weep and leap in joy.

After spending a year of visiting at least 20 bridal studios, and almost wanting to customize a gown from scratch that would cost an unreasonable sum of money coz nobody understood/could achieve what I want, I have finally found my dream gown at Danny L.

The moment I tried on the gown and looked at myself in the mirror, I wanted to cry coz it was so beautiful – it brought out all my best features and I could totally see myself in it on my wedding day. It was such a huge relief to have finally found The One! I can finally get married liaoooo!!!

I am so glad I never stopped hunting, and eventually found 2 perfect gowns at Danny L’s. Thank you Danny for designing and making these 2 beautiful gowns so that I will come along one day and wear them!

I wish I could show you pictures of my gowns. I’ll take them when I go for my next fitting! 😀

Wedding Planner – Big Little Details

Thank you to my readers who advised me that the best thing I can do for myself is to engage a wedding planner! I’m glad I listened! 😀

Wedding preps wouldn’t be as smooth and efficient if I were all alone. I think Mode and I would quarrel A LOT MORE because everything would fall in my hands – all the coordination and time-checking – and I’d take it out on him.

Thank goodness I have the best wedding planner anyone could ask for – Nicolle from Big Little Details.

From big things such as coordinating with and speaking to all my different vendors, to little things such as helping me decide the placement of our names on the invitations cards, to following me for my gown fittings, Nicolle has been with me every step of the way. If I need an opinion, I’ll turn to Nicolle. Haha. Not that the husband’s opinion doesn’t matter, it’s just that his answer will be “up to you”, so might as well don’t ask him.

Because she planned her own wedding, and is also a very experienced event planner (she has planned multi-million dollar events in Hong Kong), she’s very on the ball yet doesn’t rush me into making decisions. In fact, she never sways me to make a decision based on her opinions. She’ll lay the pros and cons of each, go through them with me, and somehow I will end up with a clearer picture and make my own decision.

She is not only my wedding planner, she has become a friend and my emotional support when the husband does not understand why a woman places so much emphasis on the wedding.

I wrote in my Dayre that she helped me realize that this is just a period of stress and the problem of a lazy husband is something all brides face. HAHAHA!

I only have this photo of Nicolle in discussion with Shannon. EH! I was involved okie, just took a step away for a while to take this photo. I’m a very hands-on bride. Heh! Sometimes the questions Nicolle asks are so specific and to-the-point I would never have thought of asking them if I were by myself. I feel so blessed to be in good hands! 😀


Taiwan Bridal Studio – La Fatte

Even though the places we went to in Taiwan for our photoshoot in January this year had plenty of beautiful scenery, we still wanted the focus to be on us. We did have some of the inevitable look-far-far-away-and-smile pictures, but we preferred the look-at-me-and-laugh style.


Our photographer Rex, makeup artists, and the team from La Fatte Bridal Studio were simply awesome. From the moment we arrived at Taichung airport, to the 2 days of phototaking, to photo selection (trust me, no hardselling at all), to post-editing, to sending of albums, everything was well-taken care of. We just received the albums today so I’m gonna write about that in another post! :)

Other Awesome Sponsors

My nails will be done by The Nail District. I love that they place great emphasis on hygiene and time passes so fast coz I can watch a movie while getting my nails done. I never get to complete a movie though coz they work so quickly!


I’m so glad I had my Smile Makeover done this year by Dr Jerry Lim, so I can have smile my brightest and widest on my wedding day!

I would also like to thank my favorite Salon Vim for being the best I could ever ask for, for salvaging my hay-like hair when I first stepped into the salon, to nourishing it with quality treatments so I can have beautiful hair always.

YAY! I’m so glad it’s all coming together. I just looked at my Pinterest Wedding Ideas board, and somehow, with the help of my awesome wedding sponsors, the wedding looks just like how we (mostly I, haha) envision it! Looking forward to the big day! 😀


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