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Mr & Mrs Mode Wedding Day – Part 1

Mr & Mrs Mode
December 25, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


How quickly time flies, I’ve been happily married to my childhood sweetheart for 3 months. ^_^*

I must say that even though it wasn’t easy working our way towards a new life together, married life has been the most awesome new phase of my life! You can follow me on Dayre (download the app) where I update on-the-go, and you’ll see that I married a very loving husband. Mushy anot? HAHA.

Now, I better get to blogging about our wedding before 2014 comes and goes. I’ll put up a comprehensive list of wedding services at the end of this post. =)


My makeup artist, Zennie, did a fantastic job with my hair and makeup. I only found her at the very last minute, through the recommendation of my favorite gown designer – Danny L.



Let The Gatecrash Begin

My bridesmaids came really early to prepare the gatecrash food items in 酸甜苦辣 (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy), a custom  in Chinese culture that symbolizes the groom’s commitment to survive through tough times in the marriage. (Actually it’s just having permission to tekan them)


It looks a lot like my favorite avocado milkshake, and then topped with Milo powder LOL. But it’s actually blended bittergourd, plus coffee powder. To make it super bitter.



Came the groom! 😀 My handsome brother who had been waiting for this day for ages was the 开车门 boy.


My beautiful and gangsterish bridesmaids brought out their sabo guns to tekan him and his band of brothers. Bang! Bang! Bang!



All these while, I was sitting on my bed watching the commotion outside filmed by my BFF using Facetime.


Signing on the Love Contract, composed by Yours Truly. Haha.


Check homework.


Mm. Okie, pass, you may lift my veil. Lift only ah. Cannot kiss.




I smile whenever I see this photo. My grandma is so cute!!! ^_^*






Love the hand bouquet! Also provided by Danny. Omg I love my gown.


Bringing me home. 🙂


My new family who loves me dearly.

Oh, the tradition is that the tea ceremony should be done at the guy’s family home first – everyone goes there, and everyone comes back to the girl’s side. But due to lack of time and we’re not that pantang, we decided to just go with the flow.

Girl’s side > Guy’s side > Alkaff Mansion.

“I Do”



The wedding decor was everything I envisioned it to be. Rosette Designs did a great job in translating my vision into reality. I didn’t want drapes hanging from the gazebo; I wanted to keep a soft and romantic vintage vibe. So we decided on pearls and champagne flowers, which were perfect. I also wanted a touch of mint, so the whole look was sprinkled with shade variations of mint here and there.




We placed pictures of our Taiwan pre-wedding photos by La Fatte Bridal Studio on the tables. To be honest, our photoshoot package wasn’t the cheapest in the market, but I’m glad we paid for quality coz everyone who saw our pictures complimented on the quality of the suits and gowns, locations, angles, the albums, etc.


Okie here comes the part where I look constipated coz I was trying so hard not to burst out in tears! While we were waiting for the cue to walk down the stairs to the porch, dad took my hand and placed it on his arm and sighed. Wah, cannot tahan liao.







This picture makes me cry every time. I wouldn’t have been so emotional if my daddy wasn’t so emotional! Apparently this scene made a lot of my friends cry too. Even my mother-in-law. She later told me “AIYO, 为什么这样心酸的!” LOL.

Thank you Confetti Peektures for capturing all these precious moments. I mean, just LOOK at the above picture’s composition. My dad with both sadness and happiness in his red eyes knowing he must let go; me with downturned lips and eyes closed bidding goodbye to singlehood; walking towards my future husband and a future unknown but exciting at the same time. So many emotions and stories captured in one single picture.

You know, the best part was when I was viewing the pictures Angie sent me, I realized that for most of them I didn’t even notice her taking pictures of me/us. Like she’s a ninja photographer.




I guess unless we are dads ourselves, we will never understand how a dad feels on his daughter’s wedding day.

Check out my bodyguard brothers. LOLLLLL. This always cracks me up. XD


Can we take a moment to observe how beautiful my mum looks in this photo? 🙂







Officially Mrs Mode.


I’ve always been a fan of A for Arcade, so when they showed me these knee-length mint tulle skirts to match with a heart-shaped top, I was OVER THE MOON! Thank you for dressing my girls!


Thank you my wonderful bridesmaids – #chiotwin, Doorbell, Mibo, Honey for giving so much of your time and love, in arranging my bachelorette party and giving me the best gift ever!


My doorbell is next! Triumphant smile! 😀


“No, you cannot bring our sister away!”


“But I want to be with him leh~~”

My family 很爱演。HAHAHA!


I love everything about this photo – the casualness, wind blowing through my hair, fresh flowers in them, my dream gown and his super nice suit both by Danny L.

I took one whole year to finally find my dream gown. It was the first thing I sought and the last task I accomplished. I’m glad I didn’t settle for anything ‘maybe’. The moment I tried this gown on, it was a “YESSS, I will get married in this!!” feeling.

I need to write another post on my wedding gown adventures.


Another favorite. I think this one is TOP favorite.

We’re so grateful it didn’t rain! If it did, we’d have to hold it at the marquee which is nowhere as nice as the lawn, and all the beautiful deco would have gone to waste. It was a perfect day. ^_^*


Yup, these were all of our guests for the lunch. Every single person in this photo means a lot to me. And every single invited guest turned up. 😀 We kept this reception small coz we (I) wanted an intimate session with close friends and family.

See you upstairs in Wedding Day Part 2 with even more joy and laughter! ^_^*


Wedding Services

Wedding Planner

Big Little Details

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Hair & Makeup Artist 

Zennie Casann

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Bridal Package

Danny L

Includes bridal gowns + groom suits + accessories + hand bouquet

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Pre-wedding Photoshoot

La Fatte Bridal Studio (Taiwan)

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Confetti Peektures (Singapore)

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Wedding Decor

Rosette Designs

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Wedding Photography

Confetti Peektures

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Wedding Videography

Snap Productions

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Wedding Photobooth

Hello Forever

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Wedding Cake + Dessert Table

Butter studio

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Bridesmaids Outfits

A for Arcade